How to Make “Thank You” cards for Gratitude Day

With World Gratitude Day just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to share a simple “Thank you” card tutorial for sharing your gratitude. There are an endless number of things within our lives we can be thankful for, whether it’s our education or just being alive. Having time to appreciate everything we have has real benefits to our overall well-being, and if we share our gratitude with others, it will often transfer to them and spread like wildfire. These easy yet thoughtful thank you notes can be given to your loved ones, or given to strangers to brighten their day.


Before you get started on your thoughtful card, you’ll need to assemble a few supplies! Try using these helpful and decorative supplies.

Supplies You’ll Need –


How to Make your “Thank you” Notes

  1. Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, start by cutting your card stock. We chose corresponding shades of blue, but you can choose whatever colors you’d like. Cut the darker shade of blue card stock into 4” x 4” squares and the lighter shade into 5” x 4.5” pieces. You can save yourself time by cutting all of your pieces of card stock at the very beginning.
  2. Next, take your craft stamp and craft ink and stamp your “Thank you” sentiment on each of the smaller pieces of card stock. Then take the stamped card stock and arranged it on the center of one of the lighter blue pieces of card stock. Use adhesive to adhere the two pieces of card stock together.
  3. Choose corresponding washi tape and add pieces to the edges of the stamped card stock. There’s no limitations here – just add different colored and textured pieces as you see fit.
  4. Finally, take your embellishments and add them to the note card. We chose gems and scattered them across the card differently for each card so they would all be unique.


Since the backside of each note card is blank, you can add a sweet saying or message if you choose. These simple cards are so easy to make, you can assemble as many as you’d like to give away for World Gratitude Day. Whether you choose to give them to your family members or closest friends, or give to strangers you pass on the street, you’re sure to make them smile. When you give your cards away, be sure to tell the recipients that this simple, kind gesture is in celebration of Gratitude Day. They may feel inclined to give thanks to someone in their life, and the cycle of sharing gratitude and kindness will continue on for others to enjoy.

We would love to see your own creations. Be sure to tag us in your unique gratitude crafts at @SimplyStamps. We hope you have a happy World Gratitude Day!


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