Introducing: Our Retro Copper Stamps!

If you’re a professional of any sort, chances are you spend a lot of time at your desk! Whether you’re a Administrative Assistant, Graphic Designer, Real Estate Agent, or any of the endless number of other professions out there, it’s nice to have a work environment you enjoy being in. That’s why so many of us choose to decorate our desks and immediate work environment – to make the daily hustle more fun!

From stylish staplers to beautiful pencil cases, motivational signs to decorative cork board, head bosses all the way to entry employees are always in search of a new item to add to our collection of beautiful yet useful work tools. We’re here to unveil the next big thing in visually-appealing yet functional products to make working, stamping your mail, creating your branded products, etc. more fun. It’s our new retro, copper stamps! These new yet vintage-inspired address stamps are a must-have because they not only add a beautiful touch to your desk, they serve lots of great purposes.

Think of all the times you’ve needed your address, logo, or business stamp and it’s always handy and ready-to-use on your desk. But let’s face it, your typical self-inking stamp may not be something you want to leave on your desk or that adds to your work-space aesthetic. We decided to add these retro copper stamps to our inventory because, well, customers love them! Not only are the gorgeous, but their metal stamp body is really durable, so you’ll get years of high-quality use from your stamp.Looking for a gift to give a close friend or family member that they can use for years to come? Our new retro copper stamps also make a stylish yet thoughtful present. Whether your best friend just got engaged or is getting married, or your favorite couple just moved into a new home, there are so many times when a beautiful address stamp is the perfect gift. No matter what the special occasion is, it’s a thoughtful gift they will use for years and years to come.We’ve made all of our best-selling address stamp designs available in these beautiful copper stamps, so not only is the stamp itself trendy, but the impression it leaves will be too! If you’d like to have your logo or any other type of custom art turned into an elegant copper stamp, just send us a request and we can make it happen. With this new self-inking stamp, you’ll never sacrifice quality. These stamps are sure to leave a consistent, clean and crisp impression every time – just like all of our other stamp models! Choose any of our fun ink color to express yourself, like blue, brown, pink, red, green, purple, orange! Or keep things traditional with a simple black ink.Class and elegance never go out of style, so add a retro copper stamp to your desk decor! Choose from a variety of our most popular address stamp designs to dress up your work space while also making addressing your envelopes easier. Or send us a special request to add your logo, signature, or any other custom design to your new trendy stamp. Here at Simply Stamps, we pride ourselves on offering a huge selection of stamps to our customers, which is why we’re so excited to offer our new┬áretro-style, self-inking stamp!

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