10 Stamps Celebrating Our Favorite Summer Pastimes

1. Sleeping In and Eating Donuts


Donuts are a delicious breakfast, the perfect way to celebrate mornings without an alarm clock going off. Whether you love old-fashioned, sprinkled or jelly donuts, you don’t usually have to travel far to satisfy that sugary craving. There’s even better news. Now you can get matching pool floats to help feed your obsession for all things donuts.

Get Crafty: Use donut stamps for your next pool party invitation. Make sure to get the matching pool float to go with!



2. Perfecting Your Tan by the Pool


Grab your sunscreen and get ready to relax on poolside lounge chairs from morning to noon and all day long. Everyone knows it’s officially summer when you show up in your new swimsuit or swim trunks. Get enough Vitamin D to last you throughout the school year by making sure you put in your time collecting sunshine.

Get Crafty: Make retro wrapping paper by cutting up brown paper bags and using your vintage bathing suit stamp.


3. Flamingo Party Decorations


From Cinco De Mayo to Labor Day, the sunny months are full of happy holiday parties. Planning a simple summer luau, backyard bar-b-que or outdoor fiesta is always more fun when you have the right decorations. Bright pink flamingos are the perfect accent for all your party favors. Channel the Florida vibes and dream tropical dreams all summer long.

Get Crafty: Make your summer newsletter more fun by adding flamingos! Extra points if you share stories about your last zoo trip.




4. Slipping Away for Days at the Beach

What better way to bask in summer sun than by spending all day at the beach? Listen to the crash of the waves, watch the ocean tide sweep down the shore and taste the saltwater in the air. With flip-flops on your feet, a beach towel in hand and an umbrella firmly planted in the sand, you will be set for adventure.

Get Crafty: Use this directional stamp to make playful signs pointing how to get to your cabana or pavilion so guests can find their way to the picnic area.


5. Snacking on Sweet Tropical Fruit


When you are sitting outside soaking up the heat, it’s important to make sure you have refreshments nearby at all times. Hydrate and delight your senses with the tasty tangy taste of fresh fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple. There’s nothing quite like that childhood pastime of sticky fingers, peeled oranges, and other tropical snacks.

Get Crafty: Spruce up your grocery list by adding adorable pineapple stamps. It will be a good reminder to pick up your fave fruits!


6. It’s Always Time for a Glass of Wine

If your glass is empty, it’s time for another cup of wine. Sipping refreshing gulps of your fave blush pink beverage can be a great way to glam up any ordinary, long work day. Whether you just finished your noon yoga class or want an evening out with the girls, don’t forget to grab that long-stemmed glass of rosé goodness.

Get Crafty: Planning the next ladies night out or pool day? Make sure your invites include this stamp that is really about a way of life. A yummy, sweet way to be better than basic.


7. Memorial Weekend Fishing at the Lake


No summer would be complete without a weekend getaway. Nothing says a family getaway like dad grabbing his box of tackle and heading out to the lake. It doesn’t matter if you come home with an evening catch. It’s all about the good times spent together looking at the reflection of the clouds on the water and the ripples of the wind whispering summer breeze.

Get Crafty: Making a birthday or Father’s Day card for your husband or son? Cater to their love of fishing with an action packed bass fishing stamp.




8. Icy Cold Treats to Fight the Summer Heat


Take a break from whatever you are doing to celebrate an icy cold handheld treat. Think rocky road, chocolate chip, rainbow sherbet, sweet strawberry or basic vanilla. There’s a fun flavor for out there for everyone. Skip work for a little while and eat dessert before dinner when you head out for a timeless trip to the ice cream parlor.

Get Crafty: Buy pastel wrapping paper in cheerful hues like pink, light green and blue. Add ice cream cones and you have gift wrapping paper for your child’s next birthday party!


9. Leisurely Saturday Bike Rides


After you wake up from your summer nap, hop on a bike to explore the good ol’ outdoors. With a little bit of exercise and lot of open miles in front of you to discover, let your neighborhood be your oyster. It’s the perfect way to spend some hours with a friend. Pick out a destination or just see where you’ll end up when you head round the next bend.

Get Crafty: Trying to remind yourself to carve out time for your next outdoor activity? Use bicycle stamps as workout and activity reminders in your weekly planner!



10. Wearing Your Favorite Pair of Sunnies


You’ll spend your whole day squinting if you leave your sunglasses sitting at home. No ball cap or wide-brimmed hat can quite take the place of a sweet pair of shades. Sometimes you just need a pair in every color just to make sure you have all your bases covered. From aviators to Ray-bans and heart-shaped lenses, make sure you keep your sunnies with you all season long.

Get Crafty: The heart sunglasses stamp is just the right accent for making a simple “I’m thinking of you” card. Best sent during the summer months.


BONUS: And Maybe If You’re Lucky…

                                                    You’ll Even Find Summer Love.


Whether you find summer love – or the perfect stamp to decorate your next party invitation – we hope you enjoy all the exciting perks of your sunny vacation!


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