Your Stamp Cheat Sheet for Teacher Planning Days

It’s that transitional time of year when summer vacation ends and teacher planning begins. Before students head back to school, teachers spend critical hours in the classroom preparing for the upcoming year. During those last quiet moments back at your desk, it’s your chance to get ahead of the game.

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Get organized early with these stamp strategies designed to make your classroom pleasant and productive.

Stamps to Help You Work Efficiently

Save time by becoming an expert level grader. Going through tons of homework to analyze and assess student performance can be a tedious process. Once homework is due, you will have to read, review, and check your students’ math. Anything you can do to help streamline these tasks will help. Try using grading stamps and daters to get you through that pile of paperwork quickly!

Grading stamps with a specific message are a handy time saver. Stamp notes on student work right as you are reviewing it. Handle a variety of situations you encounter with your students by choosing stamps related to their consistent errors or patterns.  You can also address basic homework issues with a more generic stamp. Simply Stamps has designs that contain the following directives:

  • Incomplete
  • Please See Me
  • Late
  • Extra Credit
  • Check Spelling
  • Check Your Work
  • Please Write Neatly
  • Parent signature required

Adjustable dater stamps are a perfect tool for any day of the year. When you add these to your teaching toolbox you will be able to give due dates to reading assignments, tests and more. Keep track of your lesson plan goals with complete-by dates. These can be for the first of the next month, by mid-terms or even a few days out. Simply Stamps also makes custom daters which allow you to add text such as “Mrs. Clark’s Classroom” or “Homework Due By.”

Stamps for Keeping Track of Items

When you are investing in new items, you don’t want to have your property confused with that of the neighboring class. Pick out a set of ownership stamps.  Keep everything more organized by knowing where your stuff is and who completed each assignment. Student names belong on each assignment and workbook. Your name belongs on the reference books you own.

“Missing Name” stamps allow you to quickly mark unidentified homework. Instead of going through the list of already graded homework, you can immediately start a pile of papers that have not been claimed. This can be a much more effective strategy than being frustrated and scrawling out NO NAME in oh-so-stressed penmanship.

Keep track of your personal belongs by using “Library of” stamps. Each book chosen for your classroom is a priceless puzzle piece in your curriculum. Some teachers still rely heavily on textbooks, encyclopedias, and dictionaries. A kind message reading “Please Return This Book to the Library Of” will alert students and fellow teachers to bring your items back. Simply Stamps makes embossers as well if you are searching for an elegant flourish to designate ownership.

Stamps for Staying Motivated

Get students excited with motivational stamps. Creating a positive environment plays a major part in managing the hustle and bustle of learning. For both your student’s sake and your own morale, it’s critical to identify achievements and continually offer encouragement. You can do this with adorable stamps that recognize excellence and hard work.

Using a variety of motivational stamps can help create anticipation for the next accomplishment. Animal stamps customized for your classroom add a bit of fun to worksheets. Younger students will enjoy when stamps with froggies, sharkies, and sea horses decorate their best work. A classic star or smiley face is a familiar sign all students understand. Sure, an A+ or 100% grade are thrilling to see. But there is something extra special about a stamp that says “EGG-CELLENT” or “TACO ‘BOUT a great job!”. From cute images to silly sayings, pick out how to tell your little learners that you proud of them.

As you embark upon a new year, stock up on practical and fun designs – from grading stamps to library reminders – so that you can leave fresh ink imprints on all the crisp new papers that will soon start filling up your desk.


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