BuJo Ideas for Students & Teachers

Are you excited about your new bullet journal? A new semester is the perfect opportunity to get your BuJo (bullet journal) in order. As you consider how you will use your calendar guide, motivational quotes, school deadlines and best Pinterest weekly layouts, take a peek at school BuJo stamp ideas.

Teachers and students can take their BuJos from sloppy and boring to orderly and inspiring with hexagons, borders, check-boxes and more. Discover how to transform the chaos of your complicated schedule with these tips!

Chart Your Future

Teachers may find chart designs and weekly layouts that assist with tracking attendance, grades, worksheet assignments and class reading. They can also track priorities in their personal life from budgeting to wedding planning. Colored pens and a reliable ruler can help you make complex layouts.


Students can build useful layouts that track homework, divide up priorities by subject, keep information about sports schedules, and record times of other after school activities.

Create Order with Each Line & Border

The BuJo does require a certain level of ruthless commitment to laying out weekly design after weekly design. Finding an overall layout that works best for you is a critical part of using your journal effectively. Ruler lines are great way to divide your pages into sections. As a BuJo beginner, you may be drawn to the simplicity of simple straight lines.

As you expand your designs for your weekly layout, you may want to explore some alternative patterns for dividing the days of the week. Simplify your layout with border stamps. Just imagine giving your journal some flourishes with wavy lines, chains of daisies or trendy scallop borders. You can get ink pads in different colors to provide variety from week to week. Mix and match with your border and wreath stamps for an orderly look to your layout.

Circles, Hexagons & Flags, Oh My!

Most planners spend the majority of their BuJo time looking at their daily log and weekly layout. Within each of these sections, most people include the date and day of the week. It’s helpful for the eye to be able to quickly recognize that detail on the page. Rather than putting hours into drawing lots of tiny details and then trying to mimic that design on each weekday, BuJo stamps can give order and uniformity to your layout. 

Wreathes featuring leaves can add a wonderful flare to your calendar. The circular shape give a sense of order, but the leaf details allow for a decorative detail. You can go through and vary the color and font if you want to give each week a different feel. Minimalists may be drawn to the simplicity of basic flags or hexagon shapes. The straight lines offer clean details and give a modern look to your layout. You can also enjoy a mix of flourish and structure with the sunburst stamp.

As you add more activities, assignments and plans, the critical details and due dates can become hard to distinguish. Your basic to-do’s might look the same as the exciting upcoming events. When you have a collection of different shapes, including the hexagon, sunburst and wreath, you can alternate between using one stamp for the date and one to indicate due dates or special events.

Feeling Moody?

Not only do you can you use weekly layout, but you have other pages available  to plan and track your your daily life. Just grab your hexagon stamp, then add numbers in the funky handwriting or colorful marker of your choice.


Both students and teachers can use mood charts to look out for their well-being as they make it through the stressful school year. Staying in tune with your emotional needs can be a helpful tool for getting through midterms, finals and that end of the semester crunch.

Endless Check- Box Options 

Many BuJo fans are also big into making to-do’s and every other kind of list. They enjoy keeping their mental notes on paper and then executing with individual items. As they work through the list they cross off, strike through, or check mark every completed activity. A check box system (which is easy with the basic check box stamp!) gives a visual and organized method for filling in priorities and checking when each is finished.

Teachers may utilize check marks for reminders related to class activities. These tasks may be to ensure that class materials are ready for the day, worksheets are handed out and the reading assignment is given to the students. Reminders for when periodic grades must be turned in are also helpful.  A second column of check boxes can include personal items like grocery shopping, working out, coffee dates, special events and other time commitments.

Students can use check box stamps for reminders related to studying for upcoming tests, working on essays, tracking reading and other homework related items. The boxes are convenient for reminders to practice when it comes to extracurriculars, like sports or music.

Knowing which items have to be completed on which day helps to avoid a major test sneaking up or missing reading assignments. Check boxes are great for remembering to bring something to school, like prepping for a bake sale or materials for a science project. One column can be created for fun to-do’s like shopping, vacation days, watching TV, or birthday parties. You structure the list based on your priorities, goals, hopes and dreams.

Which Day Is It?

Getting tired of writing the day, date and month on every page? Even with borders, rulers and pretty pens, scrawling out the days of the week and the month can become a chore. When your penmanship wanes, your drive to keep plotting on may falter.

Simply Stamps makes individual stamps for each day of the week and each month. Instead of getting 7 day stamps and 12 month stamps, you can also order the Perpetual Calendar Journal Stamp. This handy tool allows you to circle the day, month and date on each corresponding page or section. You can rely on a single stamp to provide all the critical information for distinguishing between days.

If your organizational stamps don’t provide enough variety and flourish, give final touches to your journal with washy tape, more colorful pens and embellishment stamps. Browse crafty designs, like weather-themed stamps, fall stamps and other seasonal favorites. With every glance at your fun-filled bullet journal, you will have more motivation for making your layout for the upcoming week.


With these semester planning resources, you will be set for months to come. So add in your date flags, break out the rulers, calligraphy the months, and include a brain dump page. Create the BuJo look that fits your mood.


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