Your Fall Fun To-Do List

When the summer heat starts to cool, the leaves begin to change and the pumpkin spice craze kicks in, you know exactly what time of year it is. It’s fall.

A new season is a great time for making new goals and determining priorities. Get motivated by creating a bucket list. A seasonal bucket list is a wonderful way to focus on enjoying each moment with intentionality. Fill your bucket list with many fall festivities.

Here is your fun to-do list for September and the months that follow:

  • Make Sure Your Boots are Ready

Get ready to step outdoors and bask in the cooler weather by making sure you have a nice pair of boots. Bright colored rain boots can bring excitement to those overcast weekdays. Find your favorite patterns from flowers to polka dots. If you’re not expecting rain, shop for shoes that fit your style, like velvet, lace up, peep toe, knee high or ankle boots

  • Pick Out a New Coat

Another exciting trend during the chilly season is finding the perfect coat. Prepare for all your outings with a cozy coat you can wear to football games, fall festivals and pumpkin carving parties. The more the air starts to chill, the heavier a jacket you will want to have. Depending on where you live, you may need multiple outer layers. But what’s more exciting than picking out a khaki trench coat, long jacket or plaid pea coat? You might find that all you need is a light raincoat for heading home on those misty nights.

  • Have Pumpkin-Flavored Treat

For some, the true initiation into fall can only be experienced in ordering a pumpkin spice latte. That first sip tells you that afternoons by the pool will be replaced with crisp strolls in the park. Other fall lovers look forward to pumpkin bread, donuts, pancakes or even the simple home-baked seeds.

Once you’ve seen the natural beauty of changing leaves, take your inspiration to the craft store and get supplies for a DIY wreath. Add personal touches like your family name, ribbons in vibrant colors and your favorite fake flowers and leaves. If you’re not the artsy type, get a premade wreath. Festive door signs are another way to decorate the entrance to your home. Greet every visitor with a rustic, cheerful or floral welcome sign or wreath.

  • Stock Your Stationery Supplies with Your Fave Fall Stamps

Give all your correspondences a fall flourish with beautifully designed stamps. As your schedule picks up with school plays, Halloween parties and outdoor activities, you may be sending out more mail than usual. Between party invitations, Thank You Notes, and Thinking of You Cards, there’s always something sweet and important to put in your mailbox.

Choose from versatile autumn stamps, featuring falling leaves, rain boots, pumpkins, wreaths, maple leaves, addresses, fall messages and rain clouds. Each card will be a little more memorable with a seasonal flair stamped in the corner.

  • Take a Picture of the First Leaf to Turn

Your phone is with you wherever you go, so you are always prepared to capture the memory. Which trees will change first, the ones by home or work? Make an Instagram moment when you see the first leave turn.

Make a collage of the leaves you see, in all those gorgeous hues of yellow, gold, red and brown. As the fallen leaves pile up, pause to give a nod to your childhood days. Feel the crunch as you stomp on leaves while walking down the pavement.

  • Make an Apple Pie

Apple picking, apple butter and apple pies brings another favorite flavor to the table. There’s nothing like going apple picking or spending the afternoon with your hands covered in flour as you bake a yummy and fresh apple pie. Your home will slowly fill with the smell of cinnamon spice and sliced apple goodness. Or, if you don’t feel like breaking out the Kitchen Aide, you can pick out a candle or wax melt with a delicious apple scent.


Let the thrill of the crisp season sink in as you celebrate with autumn-themed activities and stamps.


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