Dater Stamps for 2019

Does your office have a reliable dater stamp? Are you on the 10th year of using the same stamp and ready for a new decade’s worth of dates? Get set to order your next stamps for work by learning everything you need to know about dater stamps for 2019.

When January hits, it is peak season for dater stamp orders. Make sure you get yours before the New Year begins. Having to back date items or write the date by hand each time you review official paperwork can be tedious. Avoid disrupting your work momentum and task efficiency by having your new dater stamp ordered and delivered before January 1st.

What Are Dater Stamps Used For?

Dater stamps are a special kind of office stamp used for marking documents with custom dates. The stamp features 3 separate wheels for the month, day and year. Each of these wheels can be adjusted to reflect a different unique date. You can easily change the date by hand for quick and convenient use.

These customizable self-inking stamps allow you to streamline operations with one crisp impression after another. Various types of businesses use daters for document tracking, time validation, completing forms, marking incoming and outgoing mail. Daters show when paperwork is received, processed and recorded. Some examples of documents where daters are commonly used include sales receipts, invoices, bills and other time-sensitive documents.

Benefits of Daters

A dater stamp is a practical office tool that will give you long term use and versatility. You can use yours for increasing efficiency and improving organization. Most dater stamps include 10 years’ worth of dates and last for thousands of impressions.

Dater stamps are used in schools, restaurants and warehouses. Teachers use daters for homework and reports; restaurants use them for adding sell-by dates to food items; and warehouses use them for marking received orders. Administrative offices for many kinds of businesses also rely on dater stamps for documentation.

One of the biggest advantages of this adjustable tool is that it can be customized for various types of businesses. Once you know what you will be using your 2019 dater stamp for, you can tailor your custom stamp to your needs.

Finding the Right Dater Stamp for You

Simply Stamps makes daters stamps with 1 to 4 extra lines of custom text. Some companies may use the custom field to include the business name or department, or special instructions. You can browse stamps intended for a single task, such as a Received Dater Stamp, or a versatile stamp with multiple adjustable messages, such as the Trodat Dial-A-Phrase Dater with 12 Phrases.

Some of the popular office designations found on our stamps include:

  • Posted
  • Approved
  • Received
  • Deposited
  • Faxed
  • Answered
  • Paid
  • Shipped
  • Entered
  • Backordered
  • Charged
  • Cancelled
  • Checked
  • Billed
  • Delivered
  • Fixed

Once you’ve determined the text you need for your stamp, you can customize the right dater stamp design featuring that message.

Customization Options

Our Date Only stamp is our simplest, most straightforward option. This standard design is perfect for broad use, providing the final date detail for any item that needs the date added. If you have a specific way you need to use your stamp, you can customize the stamp for that purpose.

Do you need to finalize documents with a date and signature stamp? The Signature Date Stamp is easy to order by uploading a file with your name. You can also add a custom message to signature stamps.  The Signature Date Custom Rubber Stamp and the Received Custom Date Stamp are among our top sellers.

There are multiple formats for most 2019 dater stamps available, allowing you to choose between layouts and stamp shapes including square, rectangle and round.  Dater stamps are available in several ink colors. Some stamps also feature two different color inks, making it easy to distinguish between the date and custom text.

Upgrading to the Trodat Pro Series

You can replace your 2018 dater stamp with a high quality stamp model by ordering one of the Trodat Pro-Series (Professional 4.0 Series). The larger size of these stamps allows you to have a sturdy hand as you complete each impression. The Pro Series includes a finger guard and an over-sized adjustment band to make changing the date easier and less messy.  The Professional Posted Date Stamp, one in this series, is made of brushed stainless steel and features a custom text area and two ink colors.

These heavy duty options are designed to handle all your wear and tear. If you are looking for a better, more efficient dater stamp, then upgrade to any one of these new Trodat Dater Pro-Series models.

Want to learn more about dater stamps? Take a peek at this video of how to change the date by hand.

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