Crafty & Spooky Autumn Stamp Ideas

Get out your decorating supplies and get into the spirit of Halloween with autumn craft stamps and spooky address stamps.

Illuminate the Night

Lining your sidewalk with luminaries is a fun way to welcome trick-or-treaters to your home. Also, cutting a creepy face out of a paper bag will save you the mess the mess that goes with actually carving a jack-o-lantern. Make your paper bag luminaries extra exciting by creating a border with pumpkin stamps. The row of pumpkins will help balance lopsided smiles or cutting mishaps.  (Safety Tip: Use battery operated tea lights to keep the luminaries safe for the littles. When you’re dressed like a T-Rex, it can be pretty hard to control your tail!).

Spook-ify All the Snacks

Are you perfecting all of your Halloween Pinterest recipe ideas? It’s time to whip up some harvest hash Chex mix, spider cupcakes, and pumpkin patch brownies.  Celebrate all of your baking feats and snack surprises by wrapping the treats in butcher paper decorated with bat stamps or TRICK OR TREAT stamps.  Choose your favorite festive design then complete the kids’ lunches with the decorated treats. If you’re serving the same desserts for a party, you can make little signs with the name of each item using cardstock paper and these stamps. Don’t forget to make festive goodie bags to match.

Keep Recipe Cards of the Pinterest Wins

As you get deeper into the holiday season, your cooking list will probably start to grow. There is much to prepare for, from Halloween party sweets to the cornucopia of Thanksgiving sides. As you choose your menu, you might get stuck deciding between old family recipes and new Pinterest ideas. Should you stick to the regular pumpkin seed recipe? Is this the year to try spiked apple cider? Once the cooking starts and you weed through the fails and wins, keep that recipe for next year. Create a DIY cookbook, using stamps to indicate which holiday each food item is for.  When the next holiday season comes around, you will have a collection of all of your baking successes right at your fingertips.

Let Fall Into Your House (and onto Your Walls)

You may not want to let the chilly air into your home, but you can turn your living space into a festive fall retreat with DIY decorations. With cardstock cutouts (or even blank, heavy duty paper plates), you can make a flag garland for your walls. Create a stamp background with orange ink. You can use maple leaves, acorns, flying bats or even sugar skulls, depending on your taste. On top of your background, choose a sharp, contrasting color (like black or dark green) to write the large letters that spell your last name. You can also get creative and add an inspirational word or even “Boooooo” on your garland.

Send Spirited Stationery

There’s often a lot of planning happening this time of year. Your schedule may fill up with pumpkin carving parties, costume parties, trick-or-treating on Halloween, fall festivals and autumn birthdays. Update your stationery supplies with fun new stamps designed for fall. Simply Stamps has return address designs featuring witches, skulls, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and ghosts. Your decorative fall crafting stamps can be the perfect complement for your stationery showcasing your personalized return address. Complete your DIY invitations, birthday cards and letters by adding fun accents and details that make designs pop. You can use glitter, ribbons, buttons, twine, tulle, netting, burlap, and even feathers to finish off the one-of-a-kind cards!


This Halloween blog would be seriously lacking without a mention of the one and only wizarding world. Harry Potter fans will want to make sure that their collection of Halloween stamps includes the key to the Marauder’s map.  And Remember: Stay away from dark magic and stick to the DIY arts instead!

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