Making Wood Handle Stamps Last

Whether your newest rubber stamp features a pineapple, spooky cat, cheerful greeting or a custom address, you want to make sure you will be able to use this stamp as long as you can.

Here is your guide to keeping your wood handle stamp clean, along with some helpful do’s and don’ts that will protect the longevity of your stamp.

Cleaning Your Craft Stamps

When you clean excess ink and debris, you help keep your stamp impressions crisp, clear and consistent. You can maintain your wood handle stamps and enjoy long-term use by following a few steps for taking care of them

1. Put some mild dish soap in a bowl with warm water, and grab a tooth brush and paper towels (or a cloth).

2. Use paper towels to blot any remaining ink. Then, gently brush the die (the bottom of the stamp) to remove any dust, fibers, or ink.

3. Dab the stamp die with paper towels to dry before returning to storage.

By spending a few minutes cleaning after each crafting session, you can preserve the life of your stamp. While some crafters invest in stamp pads and cleaning sprays or solutions, the household supplies mentioned above work well.

Stamp Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts


Do stamp scrap paper to remove excess ink before using the tooth brush and paper towels.

Do use scotch tape to assist in removing extra debris.

Do clean stamps before changing colors to retain the vibrancy of each separate ink color.

Do use a stronger, ink thinning solution instead of dish soap IF you are not using water-based ink.

Do clean after each stamping session to prevent build up.


Don’t apply excess pressure and scrub stamp as it may damage delicate details in the die.

Don’t submerge or soak whole stamps as this can damage the wood and the adhesive between the wood and die.

Don’t use alcohol-based solutions (like certain soaps or baby wipes) to clean stamps as this may dry out and damage rubber over time.

Don’t freak out if after cleaning your stamps retain color. It is normal for the ink to stain the rubber and this does not inhibit use.

Don’t let your stamps remain wet but instead, blot the die then store the stamp in a dry place.

Getting a Crisp Impression

Cleaning your stamps between uses is one of the best ways to ensure you continually get crisp impressions from your craft stamps. With careful cleaning the die can be protected and intricate designs can be preserved. If your impression is still not showing up well, there are a few other factors to consider.

Make sure you are stamping on a smooth, flat, hard surface. If there are any folds or unevenness in the surface, the impression may reflect these imperfections. Applying the proper pressure is also critical. You may have to practice on a scratch sheet to figure out how much pressure to apply. Finally, make sure you that you firmly stamp the ink pad to ensure the entire stamp surface is covered.

From making greeting cards to decorating DIY wrapping paper, book covers and picture frames, there are many uses for traditional rubber stamps. Each new stamp you add to your collection gives you more possibilities. Preserve your wood handle stamp for all your DIY projects by following these guidelines for basic cleaning.

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