Spruce Up Your Kitchen With Stamps

We spend time in the kitchen unloading groceries, cutting vegetables, cooking entrees, packing lunches, serving dish after dish, and cleaning up after meals. Our lives revolve around the kitchen. It’s a lot of hours, and anything we can do to improve our work in the kitchen helps.

Just like a garage there are tools to get things done in a kitchen. And while you might not think of stamps as a tool for the kitchen, there are dozens of ways to use custom rubber stamps in the kitchen.

These ideas can make the place where you make all your goodies more festive, fun and holiday-ready.

Here is a list of rubber stamp ideas for the kitchen created just for you.

Gobble Gobble Stamp

  • Does your family use kitchen posters to track tasks and good behavior? Spice up your chore chart by using stamps to show when items are completed. Start with the classic smiley emoji, and then add designs like the funky flamingo. Explore different stamps to find the best motivators, whether that be a “Great Job!” stamp or a seasonal stamp, like a reindeer or Christmas tree.


  • Are you obsessed with canning, pickling and mason jar fun? Do you collect glass jars to give out your specially made goodies? Take your food preservation efforts to the next level by marking each carefully prepared jar with a stamp. The stamp you choose could be about the contents or feature a fun message. Choose from stamps with your signature or Season’s Greetings.  See decorative tag stamps that say “From the garden of”, “Organic”, or “Keep Cool”, or “Handmade by”. If you don’t see a design that matches your jalapeno jam or homemade barbecue sauce, use our art logo customization options to make your own.


  • Decorate your wine rack with the ROSE ALL DAY stamp. This stamp will come in handy when you are planning a ladies’ night, bachelorette party or birthday brunch.


  • Gingerbread Man StampDid you purchase a new holiday cook book, so you can add a twist to this year’s turkey stuffing? Mark your book with a decorative stamp that says which kitchen the book belongs to. Print up copies of the recipe to hand out to guests and feature the same stamp. Our “From the Kitchen of” designs feature accents like whisks, rolling pins, mixers, tea pots, food, silverware and a gingerbread man!


  • Ready to countdown the days until December 25th? Pick 3-4 of your favorite holiday stamps and make a DIY advent calendar. Color in the days to add variety. Choose from playful designs featuring mittens, Santa and his sleigh, holiday bells, and Rudolf. You can also go with traditional icons such as a peace dove or Star of David.


  • Making an assembly line of lunch sandwiches? Use a cute stamp to add an encouraging and playful note to sack lunches. Spread the love by sneaking a stamped note into your significant other’s meal as well.


  • Keep better track of leftovers by using a dater stamp to mark food. Daters are also great for notating when you take meat from the freezer to let defrost in the fridge. No more freaking out about whether not your meat has gone bad!



  • Sometimes roommates want to keep their food separate. A stamp is a quick reminder of whose is whose. If the Almond Milk says Karen, there’s a better chance that Jill won’t finish it this time. Personalize a text-only stamp to say “Karen”, or include a whole phrase, “Karen’s. Do Not Touch”.


  • Alleviate your stress about the electricity bill hanging on the fridge by paying it, then marking with a red, unmistakable “PAID” stamp. Creating text-only stamp labels helps keep your kitchen counters free of paper stacks and other clutter. Use the same method to mark which Christmas letters you have already read to keep another pile of cards from getting out of control.


  • Make your space your own with DIY aprons. Start with basic white aprons and personalize with stamps so that every member of the family gets their own. Stamp themes like social media, autumn, or monogram provide unique style options. We sell special clothing ink for just these kinds of projects. You could even add your stamp patterns to dishtowels and oven mitts. Your kitchen won’t be filled with midwinter bleakness when a jolly snowman dishtowel hangs over the oven.


  • Protect your beaded poinsettia holiday table runner by making placemats for the kids. Laminate heavy paper with each child’s name and add a smattering of stamps with snowflakes, ornaments, and, of course, Rudolf.


  • Stamp labels don’t stop at canning! As you prepare the secret fudge recipe or grandma’s best sugar cookies for holiday parties, make these treats more festive with gift tags. Don’t show up at the work potluck without making sure your baked goods have a label. Let your friends, coworkers and family know where the perfectly balanced sweet and tart cranberry sauce came from. A round, holiday address stamp is the perfect final touch.


  • Make invitations for Thanksgiving with an apple pie stamp, turkey silhouette stamp or even one that reads “Happy Friendsgiving”. Use the same stamp to make place cards for your formal holiday meals. Make your guests feel especially fancy by making matching stamped paper signs with the names of courses or main dishes for your feast.


Life happens in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s a brief stop on your way out of the house to grab a cup of coffee. You may spend a few minutes at the end of each day grabbing a glass of rosé and microwaving dinner. You may spend hours making food for your children or homemade flatbread with sundried tomatoes for your spouse.

With every tasty loaf of banana bread or homemade muffins that leave your kitchen, attach a stamped gift tag. Each stamp gives that extra something special to the heartwarming and belly-filling gifts you make. Take these decorated treats to all your caroling nights, Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners, holiday parties, birthday cupcakes or work potlucks.


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