12 People You May Be Shopping for this Holiday Season

As families and friends finalize Christmas plans, so begins the shopping frenzy for last minute gifts. You’ve downloaded an app to keep track of it all. You still write down who wants what.  Maybe this will help. You have a list of the people you’ve already shopped for, and some good ideas for what you will buy next. Then it happens.

You are stuck.

You are staring at a computer screen trying to figure out where to start. How can you shop for every different personality you will encounter this holiday season? We are here to help!

Here are 12 people you may find yourself shopping for this holiday season:


 1. Those Real Christmas Tree Only Folk

Christmas tree couple

Year in and year out, this family makes it their mission to pick out the best real tree out there. They won’t settle for fake trees. It would be a Christmas crime! They insist that nothing beats the real pine smell. It makes it worthwhile that a potpourri of needles will briefly decorate their carpet. For them, picking out the tree is an age-old tradition.

Wrestling the prickly tree up onto the car is just a part of the fun.  Give a nod to National Lampoon and celebrate those favorite holiday rituals which are the glue that keeps some families together.


2. The Stocking Stuffer Superhero

family with stockings

Maybe you and your spouse divide and conquer. You take care of presents, they fill the stockings. Each person has a role. But how did they do it again?! Your super stuffed stocking has your favorite perfume, fuzzy socks and the Minion movie!  Or maybe you got him that Bill O‘Reilly audiobook and a whole new razor set and shaving kit.

Another sign of a stocking superhero is a mantel with stockings featuring everyone’s names and filled to the brim. If your family has one of these superheroes, then a stocking return address stamp is certainly a fitting gift.


3. Those Oh-So-Festive Parents

Round address stamp

festive holiday parent selfie

Are your parents taking Santa Selfies and calling you every week to make sure you have given them gift ideas? Is mom asking what you want for Christmas dinner in November? Some enthusiastic parents start building the anticipation for this great family gathering early.  Unfortunately, meeting the expectations of parents can be nearly as hard as shopping for kids (in some cases harder!).

Picking out a classic gift that has been personalized with the family last name and a cheering greeting can be just the way to satisfy their holiday hopes!


4. The In-Laws that Only-Make-Christmas-Cookies-From-Scratch

parents with cookies

While you may have thought your parent’s Yuletide spirits were high, you met your mother-in-law and discovered another level of holiday dedication. What clued you in? It was some combination of the baking and elaborate Christmas village of Lemax houses. And now comes the time to find a gift that shows how much you love being welcomed into the family.

Cut out any chance for competition and comparison by choosing the same stamp design you chose for your parents. Why question a good thing?


5. The Lovers of Christmas Lore



They have a special place in their hearts for Rudolf, the Grinch, Charley Brown and his tree, and the Little Match Girl. Bedtime stories are part of life all year long, but no tales are as great as the ones read on Christmas Eve. You’ve seen them, sitting by the fire, munching on fresh gingerbread and cracking open a familiar journey with Charles Dickens.

They never miss seeing the Nutcracker ballet. And they usually remember the name of every single reindeer as well!


6. The We-Host-an-Annual Party-Every-Year-Coworker 

holiday house

You just can’t say no. Missing the party would mean missing out on Carol’s famous peppermint bark. So sweet and chocolatey! The annual party is the talk of the office all month long and you are hoping that you will luck out for the White Elephant exchange. (You’re still not sure what to do with the glass flamingo candy dish you got last year.)

Thank the the marvelous hostess with a Christmas tree stamp to use on the invitation for next year’s party.


7. The Newlyweds


They get to celebrate Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. It’s the year of many firsts for them. As a married couple they get to buy a tree, decorate together and attempt to eat 2 Christmas meals. Even if they did this during years of dating, it just feels different this year. If you popped in to visit, you might hear “Santa Baby” or “All I want for Christmas is You” blaring throughout the house.

Every new item that shows their combined names fills them with warmth. Help them cherish their romance with a little mistletoe added to every letter they write.


8. That Picky Present Person

There’s one in almost every family. It’s a mystery how the disgruntled gift exchanges all began. But now, time after time, you find yourself searching for their receipt.  You can’t quite figure out how to choose a gift that fits their taste and style. You want to put in the effort and show this person how much you love them. But finding the right thoughtful gift might seem like an impossible hurdle.

You don’t have to resort to cash or a gift card. Put the shopping fun back in the recipient’s hand with a Personalized Stamp Gift Box. You give them the address stamp, they get to pick the design. It’s a win-win.


9. The Classic Christmas Fan

You know the friend that watched every Hallmark movie and starts decorating way before Thanksgiving? This excitement often starts the domino pressure to not be the last one in the neighborhood to put up your lights. Somehow this Classic Christmas fan is able to soak up holiday magic from every advertisement they see.  The truth is that deep down some part of them still believes in Santa.

Fuel their hopeful spirit with a jolly little Santa stamp. The address will clarify where the guy in the red suit should leaving the presents.


10. The Everything Must Match Décor Person

pine cone

Some houses are expertly decorated so that every single holiday item matches perfectly. There is a science, art and passion to this kind of precision. You will know this personality type by how they decorate the Christmas tree.

First, tons of lights have to be tightly wrapped around the base of the tree. Then, each ornament must be perfectly placed in proportion to the ornament next to it. There’s probably not a ruler involved, but a keen eye makes sure that the result will be breathtaking. Their formal aesthetic makes them an ideal recipient of the Montgomery stamp, which will be added to every envelope at the absolute best angle possible.


11. The White Christmas Crew


Your relatives and friends up North have a truly different Christmas experience. They even have a different language where they talk about powdered snow versus the stuff that sticks. It’s freezing nights and blankets of sparkling ice that drip from the roof.

For everyone that gets to live in a winter wonderland or maybe just dream about it, the cute snowflake catcher stamp makes a lovely gift. Kids can also help with Christmas letter writing by coloring in the snowflake catcher’s coat and hat.


12. Carolers and Choir Singers

Christmas bells

Whether it’s for the school play, going door-to-door, or the church choir, we all know someone who cannot get enough Christmas music. They finish every caroling evening with hot chocolate and apple cider. The kids love shouting “Jingle Bells.” The parents are practicing the “Hallelujah Chorus.”

This family rings in the season with new renditions of “A Merry Carol of Christmas Bells”. They often have tickets to the Mannheim Steamroller. They sometimes fah-lah-lah-lah-lah right into January!

And their favorite holiday moment (besides presents) is the candlelit Christmas Eve service where “Silent Night” is sweetly sung by the children’s choir.

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