7 Reasons Address Stamps Make a Great Gift for Parents

The hunt for the perfect gift for mom and dad can seem never-ending. When you want to show them you care, you search for just the right thing. You might just be searching because you don’t want to cause a scene Christmas morning by showing up empty handed. So, you start considering what kind of gift to bring. There are gifts that bring convenience to life. There are gifts that provide entertainment. There are gifts that tell your family “I get you”.

But which one will you choose?

After so many years of trying different angles you may still find yourself at a loss. You’ve done the creative, DIY, I spent hours making this just for you gift. You’ve gone the expensive route, bought the 55 inch TV. You even tried the unforgettable experience route by giving them a Groupon for that cooking class they always talked about taking.

But this year, funds are low and the search is getting harder. Plus December 25th is just around the corner! So, here is an idea that you probably hadn’t considered: personalizing a return address stamp for mom and dad.

Parents Love Personalized Address Stamps Because:


1. It’s Personal

Put your family name in ink. A personalized address stamp is commemorative and celebratory. It’s made just for them. It’s not some generic, last minute impulse buy. You can find designs that feature a single last name, like Smith. You can find options with just first names, like Jim & Carol. Customize yours with a single initial for each parent, like J & C Smith. Consider the simplicity of a monogram, JSC. You can even give a stamp with a different tone by changing it to The Smiths or The Smith Family.


  2. It’s Practical

This gift isn’t merely a decoration. A return address stamp is a gift that can immediately put to good use. Mail arrives daily and we haven’t yet achieved a perfect state of paperless existence. Whether your parents are sending a card to you, paying bills, mailing tax forms or Christmas cards, their stamp is sure to get plenty of use. If your parents are entering their senior years and suffering from arthritis, writing tasks can become more difficult. With this stamp, that is one less strain to put on tired hands.


  3. It’s for the Whole Family

Remember that year you got the wireless drill that was really just for dad? Or the time you got a Keurig, even though mom is the only one who drinks coffee? Some years, one parent lucks out and the other is stuck waiting until next year to get a gift they might use. Address stamps celebrate the whole family. You can bet that at some point each of your parents will need to send a letter. And both of them will be able to grab that pre-made stamp and put it in action.

There’s a sentimental side too, as the family name represents who you are and where you came from. You may not live at home anymore. You might even have a different last name. But it will always be a part of who you are.


4. Arrives by Christmas

Tired of playing Amazon roulette and hoping you will have something to wrap on Christmas’ Eve? There’s enough other holiday details to stress out about. Don’t let your parents’ gift be one of them. This gift is made and mailed right away. Stamps ship the next business day, so you don’t have to sit around thinking of a back-up plan. We make our stamps right here in the USA and get them quickly back to all the excited holiday shoppers that are awaiting their personalized presents.


  5. Decades of Use

Some gifts start out exciting, but then get thrown away. There’s technology gifts that break or need updates. There’s trendy items that fall out of fashion. And there’s novelty items, like pop grips, that may not withstand the test of time. The address stamp if a gift that is made for decades of use. You can help your parents celebrate the retirement home they finally finished building. Just send us the street address and we will mold into this adorable office accessory.


6. Hundreds of Design Options

Looking for that extra way to show your gift is thoughtful? Our hundreds of address stamp designs allow you to pick a style that your parents will love. You can choose text options that are minimal and classic. You can choose thematic options like nautical, patriotic, floral, hipster or preppy.  Browse our options to find a beautifully designed layout that matches your parents’ aesthetic. Would you parents like the Candice & Peter Jackson stamp (pictured at the top)?  You decide. With so many options, you’re certain to find just the thing to celebrate the personalities of those two special people you love!

Pick out your one-of-a-kind stamp today. It’s okay if you can’t resist the urge to personalize one for yourself as well. It’s easy to be inspired when you are designing your family’s stamp.


  7. Easy Wrapping

If you have a large family, then you especially will understand what an ordeal wrapping gifts can become. You know it can mean staying up until 2 am to do a last minute wrapping marathon. Ever had your bedroom practically explode in a flurry of scissors, tape, wrapping paper rolls, tissue paper, boxes, and, of course, gifts? It’s intense. And when it’s time to try and fit paper around oddly shaped boxes (like the kind so many kids’ toys come in), giant slippers, a new doggie bed or even round tin of cookies, the struggle is real. A stamp box is easy-peasy, letting you get to bed just a little earlier this year.

When Christmas day comes, your special stamp gift will be ready. Mom and dad will there expecting a fun-filled day of eating, celebrating with the family, and exchanging gifts.

And maybe, just maybe, this will be the year that your gift is the best.

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