2019 Bullet Journal Goal Tracking

Monthly Goals for 2019As we enter a new year, many of us look forward to all of its possibilities. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of things we want to accomplish and the memory of last year’s unfinished goals.

But with fresh, unmarked pages of a bullet journal in front of you, there’s a chance to start anew.

Sit down to brainstorm the direction you want to give your life this year and keep two things mind: the power of accountability and the value of re-assessing goals.

Your BuJo will provide accountability with every checkmark you add on your daily calendar. Each time you cross out one step towards the major goal, you can celebrate little moments of completion. It’s much easier to stay motivated when you can visualize how you are chipping away at the goal.

Your expertise on your own life after completing each month will inform you of whether or not your steps to completing a goal are effective. While yearly goals have their place, monthly and quarterly assessments help ensure that you are still pursuing goals that you are passionate about and moving towards a result that is possible.

Choosing a 2019 Goal Setting Strategy

Whether it’s health, family, personal, business, finance, relationship or fun goals, creating a system where you track progress helps stay on target. Goal setting works differently for everyone. People are motivated to achieve different results and use different strategies to get there. Whatever goal you have, adding a visual tracker can let you know how close you are to achieving that goal. You can even use a written list to guide you throughout all of 2019.

A friend shared her strategy for living intentionally in 2019 by using a list of monthly goals. Instead of merely a fleeting thought about resolutions around midnight on New Year’s Eve, she took time to outline a year’s worth of plans. She put together a list of goals to focus on, laid out one month at a time.

Monthly Goals for 2019


January – Say no to plastic, styrofoam, and other materials that harm our environment!

February – Embrace healthful eating!

March – Go on a weekend getaway!

April – Enjoy the little things!

May – Read more books!

June – No eating out!

July – Immerse yourself in history!

August – Take a trip somewhere new!

September – Spend more time in nature!

October – Learn something new!

November – Adopt a charity!

December – Do something for others each day!


Living Intentionally With a Bullet Journal

Bullet journal enthusiasts know how much work goes into creating calendar pages and incorporating daily goals. From the artwork put into coloring a monthly page, to the time it takes to make a brain dump page of ideas for next year, it takes a bit of work.  But each visual you make gives you another way to stay inspired, motivated and accountable to getting where you want to go.

There are many tools for making your goals pages stand out. With washy tape, bright highlighters, gel pens, rulers and stencils, your pages can come to life. You can also speed up some of the planning process with rubber stamps like the Check Boxes Journal Stamp or Water Tracker Journal Stamp.

You can also use custom line stamps if you have a word of intention or phrase you want to focus on throughout the year.  From a hashtag phrase to accompany all your tweets or blogs to a word that you will continually meditate on, there are many ways to keep your commitment at the forefront of your mind.

Share Your 2019 BuJo Goal Ideas

Your bullet journal can be the place where you keep your hopes, dreams and aspirations, achieved one month and one day at a time.

How will you grow this year? If you have a yearly, monthly or daily strategy that you have incorporating into your bullet journal process, please share your ideas in the comments section!




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