April Showers Brings Scrapbooking Stamp Flowers

For many of us the arrival of spring brings a flowered frenzy of decorating excitement! We feel the urge to fill the house, accessorize desks, and start DIY projects covered with Easter bunnies and vibrant spring colors.

Here are some exciting scrapbooking ideas just for us. These are for all of the homemade card makers, crafting risk takers, master scrapbookers, and handy gift creators.

Fuel your next DIY project with inspiration from these 10 adorable spring stamps for scrapbooking and more.

1. Bunny Ears Teacher Stamp – Bring a bit of spring to your classroom stamp set with a funny bunny ears stamp. Adding a sign and return note is easy with a self-inking stamp made just for you. Customize the text with your name so parents know just who to return the signed homework or permission slip to.

2. Craft Bunny Stamp – This Beatrix Potter-style craft stamp is just the right creature to add to your animal stamp collection. Have fun coloring in the ears. Break out the colored pencils and give your bunny a pretty tan coat of fur.

3. Rabbit Silhouette Address Stamp – Planning a spring brunch and scrapbooking party with the girls? This rabbit stamp will set the tone for an afternoon of crafting. It’s a personalized address stamp that includes your name in a playful font, your street address with stylish lettering, and a funny bunny head silhouette to finish it all off.

4. Bowtie Bunny Address Stamp – Hop from April into May with a new address stamp! Don’t you just love all the cute pictures, cartoons, and decorations depicting sweet lil’ bunnies? Spread spring cheer with a return address stamp featuring a bunny in a bowtie with cheery cheeks and silly ears.

5. Modern Easter Egg Jewel – This gemstone stamp doubles as a mod Easter egg design. It’s perfect for those invites to the annual Easter egg hunt! Play with your colored pastel inks and paper cutouts to use these stamps for the “Baby’s First Easter Egg Hunt” portrait page in your scrapbook. Make sure to order the ColorBox Blossom Pink Ink to make all of your stamp impressions stand out!

6. ‘Egg-cellent’ Teacher Feedback Stamp – Have some fun with a good teacher pun! This silly stamp helps provide positive feedback that students need to thrive. All the A+ homework that is turned in deserves a chipper egg cartoon giving an old-fashioned “like” (the thumbs up!).

7. Religious Address Stamps – Is everyone in your home getting excited for Easter Sunday? These religious address stamps are a beautiful addition to church mailings or your personal correspondence. See different design options like the Heart Stamp Address Stamp and Lily Cross Address Stamp.

8. Tulips, Hydrangea, and Peonies, Oh my! – Design a page made with a beautiful bouquet of flower stamps. These artistic designs can be used to make your own coloring book – for adults or children. Enjoy coloring in the flower petals to create a look that is completely one of a kind.

9. Echevaria and Other Plants –Celebrate renewal and all that nature brings in the months of spring with these plant designs. Fill bullet journal pages, make scrapbook borders, and design hip Easter cards with plant stamps. Pick from an assortment of stamps featuring Monstera leaves, cacti, succulents, aloe, and fiddle fig trees.

10. Spring Showers & Sunny Skies – Welcome those April showers and warm weather using these seasonal stamps. Say yes to the upcoming sunny months with springtime designs. These stamps are also great choices for bridal shower and baby shower party invites.

Bonus Spring Stamp Tip: You can also add special dates in your scrapbook with the month text stamps featuring a trendy font. If you have other spring drawings you love, you can make an upload your own art stamp!

Shower your envelopes, photo albums, personal stationery, DIY picture frame borders, and even the children’s homework with your favorite spring themed stamp designs. From religious address designs and spring weather images to bright ink options for Easter egg hunt fun, you can pick from this collection to find just what you need!

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