Creative Gifts that say “WE LOVE YOU TEACHERS!”

Every year Teacher’s Appreciation Day is celebrated on Tuesday in the first full week of May. This year find a thank you gift that tells the teachers in your life just how much you value you them.

The teacher who is truly invested in the success of your child deserves a thoughtful gift. This day is dedicated to thanking those outstanding educators who guide students along their learning path, pushing them towards the next goal.

Express your gratitude with one of these affordable gift ideas including mason jar madness, funky teacher themed stamps, and ways to give every card and present that personalized touch.

Stamps That Teachers Love the Most

Today’s teacher stamps go beyond the A+, 100%, and smiley face designs of the past. Now teachers can get a unique stamp that is made for personal or work needs. Get an address stamp that matches the classroom aesthetic which teachers so purposely create. Browse address layouts with monograms, vintage and hipster styles, and ocean and animal themes. Each stamp will feature the teacher’s name and address – it’s just one way to make their lives easier.

Don’t forget to check out the complete set of stamps that are made to help teachers with all their grading needs. Here are just a few unexpected designs:

  • Incomplete froggy stamp
  • Owl graduate
  • Smart cookie stamp
  • If you liked it then you should’ve put your name on it
  • Donut you know you’re awesome

Bullet journal stamps are another new type of stamp educators love. It’s one more way to stay organized! With a practical set of BuJo (bullet journal) stamps, teachers can create weekly and monthly calendars complete with artistic flair. These stamps come in fun shapes with borders and dividers as well stylized fonts featuring the days of the week and months of the year.

Mix Up Some Mason Jar Fun

One adorable teacher appreciation gift that moms are getting into is DIY mason jar mixes. Cater the festive container with items picked out for each recipient. The more you know about the teacher you are preparing the gift for, the more you will be able to find something that matches their taste. These unique containers can be filled with ingredients you can bake, colorful candy mixes, or even beauty products.

You can make labels for the front of jars or lids with a clever description of contents. Use one of your favorite stamps (like hearts or flowers) in the background to give the item a logo like feel. Make sure to include the name of the recipient to let them know you put together the mix especially for them.

Does the teacher you are shopping for enjoy baking? Consider layering dry ingredients for simple brownies with chocolate chips, classic sugar cookies, or made-from-scratch cake. Choose a candy selection in spring or primary colors. Candy such as gumballs, Mike & Ike’s, cherry sours, and any gummies make a cheery gift. Chocolate covered espresso beans or caramels also make for fun jars!

You can even go the health food route with dried fruit, a smoothie mix or granola. If you want to try something really different, order mini mason jars to create unique spice mixes! You can always opt for a non-edible mason item with homemade beauty and relaxation products. Put together sugar scrubs, aromatherapy bath mixes, bubble bath, or make all-natural cleaning products.

Sentimental Creations

Have fun brainstorming the ways you can use the craft stamps you own. You can make a mixed media sign with the teacher’s name.  You can stamp the edges of a white border holding a picture of your students class. You could decorate a tote with craft stamps such as bikes, ice cream cones, donuts, owls and pineapples!

A little handmade gift tag decorated with heart stamps is sure to make your gift memorable! You can even make eco-friendly wrapping paper by using brown paper bags and stamping designs. Just keep the lucky teacher’s personal taste in mind.

From mason jars filled with treats to new craft stamps, there are a variety of heartfelt gifts to choose from. Sometimes a card is all that’s needed to show your appreciation (not that including a gift card is ever a bad idea). Making the card yourself with craft stamps is a great way to put some extra time into showing you care. Showing genuine gratitude for your child’s teacher goes a long way.


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