Homesickness & Summer Camp Stamps

While packing up for summer camp is an exciting moment for many children, for others the thought of leaving home for so long is truly anxiety producing. As you prepare for a pep talk and gather any coping tools, you may find that rubber stamps are a helpful addition to the mini-survival bundle you add to their luggage.

Feeling Homesick

Missing parents during time away is an age old dilemma. Some kids start stressing before they leave the house.  Some kids get hit with the homesickness bug halfway through. It can happen in the midst of a short weekend retreat, a 2-week getaway, on longer stints like an extended summer camp or even heading to boarding school for an entire semester.

Kids leave home to attend all kinds of camps and training programs. They may head out for a week at soccer camp, ballet camp, educational camps, or even space camp. Some kids travel throughout the school year to head to midwinter retreats for church camp, sports club away clinics, and boarding or magnet school programs.

With all of these camps, paired with the potential for learning and fun times is the possibility of homesickness.

Camp anxiety can start immediately. The strangeness of encountering an unfamiliar place and new face may set in. Kids might feel the distance of mom and dad being miles or even states away from them. Difficulty making friends and feeling isolated can make camp tough.

Feeling like a failure when it comes to sports, games and other activities can create a strong sense of discouragement. Then, once it comes to lights out at the cabins, a different bed and temporary home may just feel like too much to handle.

How Stamps Can Help

There are many tips and tools for coping with homesickness available. Custom rubbers stamps are one item that can alleviate some of your child’s anxiety. Certain rubber stamps have practical uses while also creating a sense of security.

Learn about the Simply Stamps summer camp stamps that can be used for return addresses, personalizing belongings signatures, and property designation.

The most beneficial stamps you can provide for your little ones are address stamps. These customizable stamps make staying in touch easier. While internet service for emailing may not be available or allowed at camps, usually snail mail is acceptable. Make letter writing easy by providing your child with stationery, postage stamps and rubber address stamps.

Letter Writing

Address stamps can be basic and practical, like the 3-line stamps showing a name and destination. You can also get address stamps made for kids. Pick an adorable address stamp based on your child’s interests.

Choose from the cute unicorn, dinosaur, lady bug, princess, lizard, soccer ball, football helmet, baseball and bats, baseball glove, super hero, monogram, owl, airplane, or dump truck designs. There’s one for every little blossoming personality out there! The kids can decorate the stationery with fun stamps celebrating their favorite things, like ice cream cones, pineapples, flip-flops, and bikes.

They may also enjoy bringing personalized art stamps. These may feature drawings done before camp. Your four-foot artist may have a special drawing with one-of-a -kind stick figures that represent the family or a picture or the house. You can simply upload these and have a personalized art stamp ready for them to pack with their art and stationery supplies.

Building Confidence

Going to camp and spending time away from home gives children space to develop their identity. They are able to expand their boundaries and their sense of self. You can come alongside them in this process and help them in establishing who they are with stamps made using their very own signatures.

A signature stamp is made by taking a picture of a person’s handwritten signature. A child armed with a signature camp can designate which camp art is theirs and decorate their own handbook. It’s one small way to leave their mark their own items.

One final way to utilize stamps at summer camp is by designating which belongings are your child’s. You can customize these stamps with your child’s name and phone number. This is perfect for your child’s easy to misplace clothing, like shirts, hoodies, underwear or swim trunks. These also work on backpacks and baseball caps. Clothing stamps use a special ink made to go on non-paper materials. Just remember safety first by keeping this info on the inside of belongings, to only be used when the item gets lost or separated from the child.

Summer camp stamps can be an excellent tool for growth during time away from home. Address stamps can help with letter writing, allowing children to process feelings, own their experience, cope with negative feelings or disappointment, and stay connected with parents or friends back home. Signature stamps can build confidence and develop identity.

Personalized stamps let kids decorate items, set apart their stuff and keep from losing their favorite new camp sweater.



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