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Is the new home owner in your life a pet lover? Do they incorporate monograms into everything they own? Did they choose a modern home design? Is it more art deco with Frank Lloyd Wright Vibes? Is the home a bungalow by the beach?

You can bet there’s a stamp to match! Help a friend or client celebrate their recent home purchase with just the right gift. Return address stamps are simple and personalized gifts that new homeowners will love.

When you are shopping for friends, relatives or real estate clients who finally bought their first home, it’s nice to have something small to commemorate this major milestone in their life journey.

Perfect for Real Estate Clients

Once your clients make an offer, complete paperwork, survive negotiations and pass inspections, you can finally get those keys in their hands. After visiting dozens of homes and finally picking “the one,” you have all put in many hours together. You made it through stressful moments and got to the other side.

Now you have an opportunity to give them something extra to accompany those keys. Closing gifts reward clients for all the hard work of searching for and buying their home. A closing gift will set the final tone, leaving clients with something sweet and memorable. A good gift can help establish a first time buyer as a lifelong client.

You want to leave a good impression that will last.  The right gift makes you stand out among other agents. An address stamp is a sentimental token that is perfect for ushering clients into a new era of living in their dream home.

Find a unique stamp for your clients by shopping from the many designs that suit a variety of tastes.

Catering to the New Homeowner’s Taste

Address stamps are available in a variety of designs, suitable for many stylistic preferences. Match the stamp to the home buyer’s personality and home décor. Choose from fonts, layouts, and themes to find the stamp that says it all.

Check out these popular address stamp themes:

  • Simple, Classic
  • Preppy
  • Monogram
  • Animal Lovers
  • Floral
  • Trendy
  • Nautical
  • Modern
  • Rustic

Don’t show up to the next housewarming party empty-handed. With the next friend or client to make a home purchase and move, you will know what to bring. It’s time to skip the bottle of champagne and pick a gift that will last. With every letter this gift recipient sends out, they will have a sweet reminder of purchasing their forever home.

“We’ve Moved!”

Address stamps are practically designed just for new homeowners. Each stamp features the new street address, showing exactly where the search for a new home took the buyer. The address represents reaching the cozy destination of the home buying journey.

Each stamp can be personalized with the buyer’s full name, family name, monogram or a set of first names. Whether it’s a single buyer, newlyweds, or a big family, you find a design that choose how the names will appear on the custom made stamp. With their new address stamp, homeowners will have a practical way to share the announcement that they moved.

It takes one single impression from the easy to use stamp to add the new information to all the mail they send out. A “We Moved!” stamp will be the icing on all the housewarming party invites they may plan to send to their friends.

Take a peek at the bestselling address stamp collection to customize your gift today.


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