5 Cute New Traditions to Make Thanksgiving Special

Table of Contents
Make a Holiday Scrapbook of the Day’s Activities
Get the Whole Family Cheering for Man’s Best Friend
Refocus on Giving with Gratitude Games
Make Leftover Boxes into Parting Gifts
Send Friendsgiving Vibes Back into the Universe

When you put your grocery list for Turkey day together, make sure to include a few craft supplies that will help make this year’s holiday spectacular. With intentional activities, you can fight the tryptophan slumber and focus on blessings in your life.

1. Make a Holiday Scrapbook of the Day’s Activities

Create a scrapbook for special occasions. Make sure to get a picture of the whole group and candid shots of making the meal. Mom will love having the keepsake of a photo with the decorated table. Anyone who contributed to cooking the meal will appreciate seeing the finished product photos with all of the dishes ready for presentation. It’s the perfect way to showcase everyone’s hard work.

Cooking Selfie

From year to year, the table typically changes as certain people are not able to travel or get time off of work. New family members also join the table with boyfriends or girlfriends, marriages and babies. As your guest list fluctuates, write down who was able to join and include the date. Use construction paper with fall colors to create frames for photos, get funky washy tape to add borders, and add stamp accents to finalize the festive look of each page. Thanksgiving stamps are perfect for fall album pages. Gingham or lumberjack print washy tape borders are a great touch for documenting outdoor celebrations.

2.Get the Whole Family Cheering for Man’s Best Friend

Get some friendly family rivalry going with homemade bracket for the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day. Take a step back from the intense, deep-seated feelings about football loyalty (or lack thereof). Instead, put on the dog show where everyone can playfully cheer on the pup of their choice. You can use online brackets to identify your front runners. You can also make a bracket with your favorite breeds when you order from our dog stamp collection.

Dog Show

Watching the cutest achievements during the canine competition will give your group a chance to digest their food and relax. If you have a dog at home, you can all vote on how your pet would perform in each category. No matter what the results are, finish the show by rewarding your pup with treats and cuddles.

3. Refocus on Giving with Gratitude Games

This year, instead of having guests do a round robin presentation of what they are thankful for, turn sharing time into a game. Have everyone write on a piece of paper what they are thankful for, then fold the paper and toss it in a bowl. After dinner read each anonymous paper and try to guess who wrote it. This game allows everyone to get to know each other better and will make you think about your peers’ values.
Child with Turkey Stamps

Don’t forget about entertaining the little ones during your turkey day fun. With some construction paper and stamps you can make tic-tac-toe and concentration. For tic-tac-toe, you make simply grids and 5 squares for each pattern. For concentration, make matching memory cards that will be placed face down for kids to guess where pair are placed. The first part of the day can be spent coloring the holiday themed squares. Then, after the meal, kids can put the games to the test!

4. Make Leftover Boxes into Parting Gifts

Turkey Day Leftovers
As everything winds down at the end of the day with dishes and clean up time, there’s always a bit of work to be done. Help keep spirits up and keep passing on the thankful vibes by having decorated to-go containers ready. Everyone can fill containers with their favorite eats. This can help prevent waste and make sure there’s something to go around for everyone.

Get to-go containers online, from the dollar store or a craft store. Add a bit of festivity with a turkey stamp and personalizing each box. You can write the names of everyone coming over as well as special reheating instructions. You can use Microns or permanent markers to give that extra flair, whichever you have readily available at home.

5. Send Friendsgiving Vibes Back into the Universe

Sometimes it’s all about the leftovers. You invite friends over to help clean out your overflowing fridge. It’s just too much mashed potatoes and turkey for one small household.  Other Friendsgiving nights help make up for the stress Thursday brings. It could be from planning the actual holiday meal, spending too many hours in a packed kitchen, or chatting with overbearing or rude family members. Maybe politics or even sports topics come up and create family tension. Either way, having your closest friends over the week of Thanksgiving can be one way to restore joy during a busy November.

Take your gathering of quarantined friends a step further by being intentional as you spend time together. Rather than just venting about your frustrations and overwhelming conversations with that aunt from out of town, try to focus on gratitude. Have stationery ready so you can write thank cards to the people in your life that make a difference. The people that love you the way family should. You can use thank you stamps, glitter pens and calligraphy to make unique cards. Putting your energy into paying it forward may quickly transform your Friendsgiving pastime into the best part of your week.

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