Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever: Bullet Journal Tips

Start the new year with clarity and planning to boost your happiness! Transition into 2021 by creating bullet journal pages designed for reflection, intentionality, and inspiration.

Here are 5 pages you can compose in your calendar to help clear the clutter in your mind and make space for a fresh start.

1. Bullet Journal Gratitude List for 2020

gratitude list with bullet journal stamps

Before looking ahead to the things you might see and do this year, pause for a moment to consider time that has passed. Write down how your routine changed last year, and how you spent more time with pets, or at home with your favorite shows and books. Think about the best ways you remember spending your time in 2020.

  • Reflect on 2020, and start listing the experiences, events, and blessings that occurred during the last year.

Did you discover a new hobby or make a new friend? Did you start a new job or move into a new apartment? Did you tackle one of your fears and complete a project that sat unfinished for some time? Were there any books or TV shows that brought you joy in the last months of 2020? What discoveries did the last year hold?

The task of counting out the things you are thankful for can help bring peace and clarity.

2. Prospect 2021 by Vision Boarding in Your Journal

Vision Board 101 from

As you look back on last year, you may begin thinking about the things you still want to accomplish. This is the perfect time to start working on your next project: vision boarding for 2021.

  • Vision boarding is simply creating a collage of pictures that remind you of your hopes and dreams.

You can do this in your bullet journal by either decorating the front cover of your journal or creating a section at the front of your journal dedicated to big picture ideas for 2021. By identifying pictures of the major things you want in your life, you can start determining the small steps it will take to head that direction.

Dream big as you come up with new goals. These pages of your journal will keep you company as you walk through the upcoming months.

3. Unload Your Worries with a Brain Dump Page

Brain dump example from

Often, as we start to imagine new possibilities for the future, current responsibilities and obligations can threaten to stifle our progress. Past memories and fears can prevent us from trying things differently. One way to navigate this struggle is by identifying the clutter in your mind.

  • A brain dump page is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a place for you to dump out all the messy thoughts in your head.

Here can spill your lingering to-do’s. List out your worries about work, money, and health. Write out reminders about taxes, rent, tuition. Record the dates for upcoming vacations, doctor’s appointments or library books that need to be returned.

By having a focused place where you can spill your thoughts, you will get a visual of what types of things are taking up your time and energy. Then, you can reference this list whenever you need to, instead of lying in bed telling yourself to remember to schedule your dog’s annual veterinary appointment.

4. Color Coding Your Way Through the Week

bullet journal with days of the week and craft stamps

Eventually, you will want to get into the day to day of weekly journal planning. You can do a single page for each day if you have a really busy schedule, or use 2 page spreads for Sunday through Saturday planning. Once you’ve made day separations with rulers and borders, then you can add the numbers and borders and will accent each page.

  • Divide work, fun, exercise, and finance with a color coding scheme of your own creation.

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You can use bullet journal stamps to make organizing your week easy! Add interesting details like pennant flags and scalloped borders. The pièce de ré·sis·tance of this effort will be adding a color coating system for your activities. Enjoy putting together a key in the front of your book, so you can continue to decipher this pattern on your bullet journal journey.

5. Make Sure to Schedule Self-Care

Self-Care Alaphabet from

Your 2021 planning finale can conclude with a page dedicated to self-care. This critical page will be your survival guide for whatever the next year throws your way.

  • A self-care page is where you remind yourself of the tools and activities you can do to take care of your mind, soul, and spirit.

From yoga to reading, watching a favorite show or getting your nails done, there are many ways to practice the self-care you need. Reminding yourself to exercise and drink water are simple practices that can improve your overall well-being. Identifying the good things you can turn to when things get tough can prepare you for life’s inevitable trials.

Think of positive ways to tough it out, from art to naps. By reminding yourself of tools and coping methods available, you will start your years armed and ready for anything!



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