How to Thank Your Everyday Postman

Postal workers are everyday heroes that consistently and conveniently provide deliveries day in and day out. Their dedication to delivery, even throughout the recent pandemic, allows households everywhere to steadily receive mail, packages and essential supplies.

A Staple for Communication

Mail Carrier and Truck
Photo from Santa Monica Daily Press

Before Amazon trucks started filling the streets, Americans relied only on postmen for their mail needs. Before they sat expectantly waiting for blue and white packages at the doorstep, the mailbox was the star of each morning delivery. 

Today, people still wait in expectation and suspense for the mail that arrives Monday through Saturday. Mailboxes at homes and apartments are regularly stuffed with a bouquet of letters, small packages, newspapers, grocery advertisements, bills, greeting cards, magazines and more!

Tuesday, February 4th is National Thank Your Postman Day, a special holiday dedicated to the everyday postman, but everyday throughout the year is an opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to those who deliver our mail rain or shine. 

Here are some easy ways to show your gratitude and say thank you to your neighborhood postman any time of year. 

How You Can Thank Your Postman

Thank You Cards

Dear Postman, Thank You Card
Make or buy a thank you card for your postman. Consider a funny or sweet greeting card that is sure to bring a smile to their daily route.

Get creative and crafty with your card! Making a homemade card is a simple way to make a statement. Use colorful gel pens, craft rubber stamps, and printer paper to make a one-of-a-kind design.

A Sweet Treat

wrapped gift box with thank you stamp on tag

Bake or buy a delicious snack for your postman to munch on! Add a nice touch to the plate of cookies (or whatever dessert you choose) by including a thoughtful note with your dish.

For an extra special and handcrafted touch, leave a note with your favorite thank you stamp to add a nice flourish.

A Coffee Gift Card

Woman placing envelope with thank you stamp into mail box

Help caffeinate your postman’s early morning route by giving them a gift card to your favorite coffee purveyor. Purchase a small gift card ($5-$10) for a small gesture that is sure to be appreciated!

If your postman is not a fan of coffee or espresso, a gift card ensures they’ll be able to take their pick of beverage or snack!

A Conversation

woman in mask making heart with hands

Step outside (don’t forget your mask!) and talk to your postman from a safe social distance. Putting just a few extra moments into being friendly can mean the world to a stranger. Dare to step outside your door and greet the person that made you a part of their mail route ritual. It doesn’t cost anything to spread smiles!

How a Simple Thank You Helps

Snail mail is important! Without mail carriers we wouldn’t open our mailboxes to find delightful cards and letters (and bills).

A small gift or card made with a thank you stamp impression is sure to brighten the day of your mail carrier! Making a kind gesture is one way to acknowledge the people you see on a regular basis, and a great way to show your appreciation for reliably getting your mail delivered to your home.

Hardworking postmen and women are responsible for warming the hearts of Americans everywhere with reliable and dependable service. Important letters, mail, care packages, gifts and all types of deliveries make it to the right destination at the right time with the everyday help of mail carriers.

In trying times it’s important to reach out and show gratitude to your loved ones, friends and family, but it’s also important not to forget about essential workers! Thank you to all of the postmen and women that have kept our communication system running smoothly!

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We’d love to see the creative ways you’re thanking your everyday postman. Share your mail carrier thank you ideas and gifts with us @SimplyStamps, and don’t forget to follow us for more DIY projects and rubber stamp inspiration!

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