Top 5 DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

Nestled between the candy hearts of Valentine’s Day, and just before egg painting kits line store shelves, there is St. Patrick’s Day! St. Patty’s Day is the colorful and festive holiday we’ve been waiting for! Leprechauns, Pots of Gold and even some famed cuisine – St. Patrick’s Day is ripe with ideas for DIY crafting fun for the whole family. Whether you’ll be sending out invites to a St. Patrick’s Day party, or lining your scrapbook with Celtic hearts, we’ve got you covered!

Sending out the Invites

If your choice is to entertain a crowd this March 17th, where’s the best place to start? The key to any great holiday shindig is to get people there with festive party invitations. We love to stamp our envelopes with this fun four-leaf clover Shamrock Address Stamp. With your name lovingly adorned on your postage, you’re sure to draw a crowd to your St. Paddy’s Day party.

  • Line your stamp up in either the top left corner or on the back flap of your envelope.
  • Stamp with even pressure and there you have it. (A hack here – kids are great stampers!)

Allowing the little ones to help with envelope or invite stamping is a good way to let the kiddos blow off creative steam. Their helping hands also free you up for addressing envelopes.

In our burgeoning age of all things tech, I find that a handwritten note, card or invite means the most. Taking the extra few moments needed to carefully send and address your invitation can show the ones you love that you’re excited to see them, and ready to show off your crafts! With just a dash of creativity, you can even skip the grocery store and create a handmade invitation that will have that extra oomph that your party goers deserve.

Shamrock Snacks

As if you needed an excuse to add something sweet that doubles as decor. This Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Day craft is a crowd pleaser and a big hit with moms. Why? Because it’s easy!

  • First, you’ll need to find your pot. There are tons of options here; we’ve tried this with everything from a plastic leprechaun pot from your local dollar store to an extra terracotta pot from the gardening shed!
  • Once you’ve picked out the vessel for your treasure, have some fun! I recommend paint, glitter and pipe cleaner clovers to really set off your designs! Color, paint and accessorize your pot of gold.
  • After you’ve perfected your pot, simply pick your treat to fill it. Chocolate gold coins are the popular choice, but you can use any candy that has a gold wrapper.
  • With your confection of choice in hand, you’re ready to stock your pot and set out the sweets for crowd approval!
  • Hand drawn rainbows leading up to your candy cache are an added bonus you could try. Cut them out and perch against the pot to show you know what’s found at the end of a rainbow!

These candy pots make my list because they can be made in advance and are the perfect delicious decor to get your family, friends or students in the holiday spirit. In addition to looking super cute, these Irish treats make great party favors, or they can serve as your dinner table centerpiece!

Bejeweled Banners

Move over playful heart garland, St. Patrick’s Day marks the occasion for a change of scenery. A simple brown burlap banner can quickly be transformed into the perfect lucky mantel accent for the season with a little DIY love.

  • To start this, you’ll need a plain banner, burlap, paper or muslin works great.
  • Accent the outward facing side with an array of fun designs of your choice! I think this Emerald Jewel Stamp gives the perfect pop of color. Used in conjunction with a Green Pigment Ink Pad, you can create a piece of decor worthy of sitting center stage in the living room.
  • Stamp your designs in whatever pattern your heart desires and your easy St. Patrick’s day decor is ready to go.

This beautiful but simple decor can also be complimented by a St. Patrick’s Day wreath or shamrock garland from the dollar store! The best part about this project is the double sided nature of these banners! Once St. Patty’s Day has passed for the year, you can simply flip the banner and accent the other side with bunny ears for Easter party decor or gorgeous spring flowers for a casual day-to-day look!

Traditional Trinkets

Though I all love the kitsch of this national pastime, some may opt for a more traditional holiday design scheme. Using this Celtic Heart Stamp is the perfect way to accent stationery or add flair to your journal. This wooden craft stamp with a Gold Pigment Ink Pad adds a pop of color and a little sparkle to a green sheet of construction paper. Stamps have the perfect way of adding rustic charm to any paper you have handy. Stamp selectively for a subtle, easy St. Patrick’s Day look, or go wild to add sparkle to all of your common areas. One ink pad will last for thousands of impressions, so you can feel empowered to do your worst.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though! Did you know that craft stamps can also use edible ink to stamp cookies? For those who yearn for an ornately decorated cookie but lack the steady hand or time, re-purposing your Celtic heart stamp is sure to wow every party goer! To accomplish this, you’ll just need a few items.

  •  Your trusty craft stamp
  • A rectangular sponge
  • Green food coloring

A good tip here is to make sure you use a sponge that is unused and that you don’t mind turning green!

  • Grab a paper plate and saturate your sponge with green food coloring.
  • Once your surface is adequately submerged, press your stamp just like you would with an ink pad!
  • This method works best with cookies with fully cooled white icing or a layer of fondant, so let your treats cool off.
  • Press with even pressure and do your best to not rock the stamp.

After your edible ink has dried, you’ve got a perfectly decorated cookie without the heartache.

Celtic Keepsakes

Crafting shouldn’t only be for adults and older kids! A hand print Leprechaun is the best option for the younger folks who still want to enjoy the festivities. For this Irish themed craft, you’ll need:

  •  a paintbrush
  • a few Gaelic paint colors (green, orange, and a neutral skin tone color)
  • a black marker
  • a small hand

Don’t worry moms, toddler, teen and parent hands are all allowed.

  • Paint your selected extremities orange, leaving a small spot in the center of the palm for your Leprechaun’s face.
  • Once your hand is complete, take a small amount of green paint up the wrist to create your signature top hat.
  • With all your paint in place, you’re ready to press down onto construction paper to create your masterpiece!
  • While waiting for your paint to dry, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to rinse off any paint covered hands.
  • Wait about an hour to give your creation ample drying time, and then you can add some flair!
  • With crayons or markers, you can draw a face, add a buckle to the Leprechaun hat and supply your Leprechaun with any other characteristics you think he needs.

After your hard earned artwork is complete, this decoration should be shown with pride on the fridge, cabinet or center stage on the mantel for the perfect wall art. There’s no better way to share Irish or St. Patty’s Day pride than to allow each member of your family to add their own decor ideas to the space!

When all the DIY projects and crafting are done for your cute St. Patrick’s Day decorations, gather around the table for some hot Corned Beef and Cabbage, and drink a nice regional brew. You’ve earned it! From hand lettered invites to family friendly art endeavors, I hope your holiday decorations create days full of fun and laughter in your home. After all, once all the holidays have passed, the memories remain. These DIY decorations will mean more than a store bought shamrock for years to come.

Once we’ve gotten to St. Patrick’s Day, don’t forget these other non-DIY essentials: keep your green shirt handy to avoid any and all pinches, add a few drops of food coloring to pale ale for a festive photo op. Also throw on a few paper shamrocks for the luck of the Irish! If you’ve created any of these adorable holiday crafts, we’d love to see them, tag us @simplystamps to share the fun. Please be sure to follow us on social media for future holiday crafting ideas!

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