Social Distancing with Care: Make Your Words Count with a Handwritten Letter

Tips for Making Your Letter Memorable

A thoughtful handwritten letter makes an impact, especially during trying times. When a loved one opens their mailbox to find a letter personally addressed to him or her, the world feels brighter. As we’re all practicing social distancing, and staying home, it is a wonderful time to bring pen to paper and send caring notes to friends and family afar.

vintage letter and keysLetter writing is an art, and one that should be revived! In 2020, it’s far more special to receive a keepsake in the mail, than an email or direct message. When someone writes you a letter, it means they took time to express how they feel about you.

There are many ways to make a letter memorable, and to ensure the recipient wants to frame it or cherish it in a keepsake box. Here are a few tips to try:

  • Practice your calligraphy skills! Take time to write the recipient’s name and address beautifully
  • Make the paper look vintage or distressed. Carefully burn the edges with a lighter, or stain the paper with coffee. (See cool tips for distressing your letter!)
  • Personalize the envelope with your own address stamp. Whether you love dogs, birds, monograms, or something else – you can find the perfect address stamp!
  • Make your letter seasonally appropriate! Decorate the envelope and paper with seasonal stamps for spring, summer, fall or winter.
  • Use paint or markers to create colorful borders around your letter and envelope
  • Create your own flower imprints! Find a flower or greenery in your back yard. Dip it into a pool of craft paint or ink, and then press it onto your paper! Each imprint will be unique.

Fancy Round Monogram Stamp

Make Letter Writing a Habit

You can also make a habit of sending heartfelt letters. There are many great reasons to send mail, but a few standout occasions are:

  • • Birthdays
  • • New marriages
  • • Anniversaries
  • • Graduations
  • • Newly moved. Just bought a new house or relocated to a new city.
  • • New pet or new member of the family
  • • Just because (Send a letter instead of a text when you think of someone on an ordinary day)

Cute Letters for Kids

Kids Dinosaur Address Stamp

When you create your letter, think of the recipient. What does he or she enjoy? What’s his or her age? You can create fun cards and letters for kids too! Bright colors, bold shapes and designs, and larger handwriting can be used to make a letter fun for a child under the age of 8. We recommend:

  • • Choosing stationery that is brightly colored (think neon, or primary colors!)
  • • Choosing a fun and whimsical address stamp featuring a fairy, dinosaur or airplane
  • • Writing something funny
  • • Including ideas on fun things to do around the house
  • • Writing encouraging and inspirational words. (Express how proud you are of him or her)
  • • Drawing something special on your letter (A heart, a funny face, a flower, a butterfly)
  • • Include paper, a stamp and envelope so they can easily write you back!
Child's Letter to God

Ice Cream Rubber Stamp Imprint
Love You Rubber Stamp

Most young children have likely not experienced the excitement of receiving a letter in the mail! Use your time at home to bring back traditional means of communication! Introduce the young ones in your family to letter writing. The letter you receive in return is sure to warm your heart, or make you smile.

Keep in touch with loved ones during hard times and good times by creating memorable letters and cards that come from the heart!

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