Maintaining Politeness & Avoiding Germs During Social Distancing

While the coronavirus has brought with it several new routines that most of us have not had to worry about before, like a global health crisis and social distancing measures, we’re all on the fast track for finding, and learning, as much useful information as we can to stay healthy and informed.


Whether you’re working from and staying at home, or you’re faced with necessary travel and/or work situations, there are several steps you can take to maintain politeness and avoid germs while social distancing.



Use Your Own Pen, Pencil, or Signature Stamp


Whether you’re making a quick run to the grocery store to stock up on pantry staples for the next few weeks, signing a curbside carryout receipt from your favorite local restaurant, signing those checks that need sent out in the mail, or even checking in at a hotel while you’re away from home, keep germs from others at bay by bringing along your own writing utensil or personalized signature stamp.


Self-inking signature stamps are perfect for repetitive, daily use. Made from durable plastic stamp bodies that can easily be wiped down with alcohol wipes, self-inking signature stamps leave thousands of crisp, clear impressions of your personal signature.


Use Technology to Connect with Family, Friends, and Colleagues


In addition to the popular video chat platforms that people enjoy to stay in touch with family and friends (both near and far these days!) and for all those work from home meetings, instead of sending long-winded text messages throughout the day, give voice memos a try. People have more time, and they’ll enjoy hearing your voice!

Or, surprise friends and family by sending handwritten (or handmade!) cards and notes via ‘snail mail’. During a time when one of the highlights of our days is going to the mailbox, you’re sure to bring smiles across the miles!

No Matter Where You Are, Keep a Safe Distance


Some errands are necessities, including to the grocery store, pharmacy, or to an essential medical appointment. Whenever you’re out and about in any public space, keep a distance of at least six feet from others. Personal space is a must these days to keep those germs at bay.


Once life begins to get back to normal, businesses begin to open up, and sports teams begin to play, among others, social distancing will probably become part of the new norm in our post-coronavirus culture. Continuing to follow the above guidelines will go a long way in helping lessen the spread of germs and help keep healthy habits at the forefront!


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