Stamp of the Week: Clean Classroom Stamps

The Stamp of the Week for 8/17/20-8/23/20 is the I’m Germ Free Clean Classroom Stamp. Check back each week to see the latest stamp of the week!

At Simply Stamps we appreciate all of the teachers that work hard everyday to make a difference in students’ lives. Coronavirus has made a huge impact on communities across the world and teachers everywhere are working to come up with solutions that keep students happy, healthy and safe.

Earlier this year Simply Stamps partnered with Trodat to give away over 2,000 hand washing stamps to teachers looking for ways to keep the classroom clean. For the 2020 back to school season, we’re happy to do it again with our line of clean classroom hand washing stamps!

This week’s featured Stamp of the Week is one of the clean hand washing stamp options, the I’m Germ Free Classroom Stamp!

Stamp of the Week, I'm Germ Free Classroom Stamp Impression
Clean Classroom Stamps are FREE for the first 500 teachers who order! (shipping & handling not included)

Simply Stamps is dedicated to helping provide tools that keep students safe, so these hand washing stamps are free for the first 500 teachers who order (shipping and handling not included).

This self-inking Trodat I’m Germ Free Hand Washing Stamp acts as a helpful reminder for students to wash their hands throughout the school day. Each of our clean classroom hand stamps have water-soluble black ink that washes off with mild soap and water, so they’re safe to apply!

Ensure all of your students practice healthy habits! From promoting proper hygiene to keeping the classroom germ free, here’s a simple guide on how you can put this week’s Stamp of the Week to work:

Step 1:

Child drawing with an I'm Germ Free Hand Stamp on back of hand

Stamp each student’s hand when they enter the classroom in the morning. Our fun clean classroom designs make proper hand washing fun for students of all ages!

*Be sure to keep in mind any skin allergies or sensitivities students might have before applying.*

Step 2:

Student writing in notebook with an I'm Germ Free stamp on hand

Remind your students to wash their hands thoroughly at least 3 to 4 times throughout the school day. Read our guide on how your hand washing stamp works to learn more and for some helpful hand washing tips!

Step 3:

Student playing with clay with I'm Germ Free Stamp on hand

Check your students’ hands periodically and encourage them to have their hands stamp-free by the end of the school day!

Our hand washing stamps take several washes to completely disappear so you can be sure that your students are practicing proper hygiene and hand washing techniques!

Other Clean Classroom Stamp Options:

Our clean classroom hand washing stamps come in different designs to help fit your specific stamping needs:

Custom Teacher Name Stamps
Clean Classroom Teacher Stamps
No Germs Allowed Teacher Stamps

You can check out our complete collection of clean classroom stamp designs and learn more here!

Stamp your way to a healthy classroom and happy students! At Simply Stamps we understand that student health is a priority this back to school season. We are happy to extend a thank you to dedicated teachers and do our part to help promote hand washing in classrooms by offering our curated collection of hand washing stamps free for the first 500 teachers to order.

Keep the classroom clean, simply stamps is giving away 500 free hand washing stamps to teachers, click to pick your stamp

Show us how you’re using rubber stamps to help stay sanitary at school! Tag us @SimplyStamps and don’t forget to follow us for more classroom stamp ideas and inspiration!

The I’m Germ Free Clean Classroom Stamp is Stamp of the Week from 8/17/20 to 8/23/20. Check back next week for new offers with the next Stamp of the Week!

Interested in having your custom rubber stamp featured as Stamp of the Week? Learn more here!

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