Stamp of the Week: Bunny Rabbit Address Stamps

The Stamp of the Week for 3/29/21 to 4/4/21 is the Custom Bunny Rabbit Return Address Stamp! Check back each week to see the newest offers with our latest Stamp of the Week!

Simply Stamps has a rubber stamp design for every occasion, season and holiday. Each week we pick one of our favorite designs and stamp models to put on display as our Stamp of the Week.

To celebrate Easter and the spring season, this week’s Stamp of the Week is a return address stamp with an adorable bunny design!

The Custom Bunny Rabbit Return Address Stamp is available with special pricing for a limited time with our Stamp of the Week promotion. Shop fast for a discount from 3/29/21 to 4/4/21!

custom bunny rabbit return address stamp, stamp of the week
Shop now for special pricing (Valid 3/29/21 to 4/4/21)!

This spring-inspired bunny stamp is available as an easy-to-use self-inking stamp for easy and quick addressing! Customize this stamp with your name and address to get started on all of your spring season projects and Easter DIYs.

From adding an adorable addition to outgoing mail to creating personalized spring stationery, here are a couple of ways that you could put this week’s Stamp of the Week to work:

Easter Cards, Notes & Crafts

bunny rabbit address stamp in easter basket

Create handmade Easter cards, crafts and correspondence with your custom bunny rabbit stamp! Stamp notes for Easter baskets and make a mark on handmade cards to add an adorable spring touch!

Get creative with your spring and Easter rubber stamps! Find out how you can use your craft stamps to stamp Easter Eggs in our blog about creative uses for rubber stamps.

Spring Stationery

custom bunny address stamp on stationery

Make your own spring stationery by stamping your Custom Bunny Rabbit Stamp at the top of your favorite paper! This return address stamp includes your name and address, making it the perfect addition to all of your outgoing notes and handwritten letters.

Easy Addressing

custom return address stamp for easter

Add an adorable bunny rabbit stamp to all of your envelopes, packages and parcels. Stamp your bunny address stamp on all of your outgoing correspondence to add a fun and custom touch throughout the spring season!

Similar Stamps

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Update your stamp collection with address stamps for every holiday, or check out our complete Easter stamp collection for more:

celebrate easter with custom address stamps, use code simply20 for 20% off your order, shop now

We’d love to see all of your creative Easter crafts and spring DIY inspiration. Share all of your rubber stamp ideas and pictures with us @SimplyStamps, and don’t forget to follow us to stay up to date on the latest custom stamp designs and inspiration.

Want your custom stamp to be featured as our Stamp of the Week? Visit our Stamp of the Week page to learn more about our stamp selection process and to view some of our previous stamp picks!

The Custom Bunny Rabbit Return Address Stamp is Stamp of the Week with special pricing from 3/29/21 to 4/4/21. Check back next week for new offers with our next Stamp of the Week!

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