Stamp of the Week: Gemini Craft Stamps

The Stamp of the Week for the week of 5/24/21 to 5/30/21 is the Modern Gemini Illustration Hand Stamp! Check back each week to see the newest offers with our latest Stamp of the Week!

Simply Stamps has rubber stamp designs for every style, season and even every zodiac sign! This week’s Stamp of the Week is perfect for zodiac lovers and is here just in time for the start of Gemini season.

The Modern Gemini Illustration Hand Stamp is available with special pricing for a limited time with our Stamp of the Week promotion! Shop now for a 30% off discount from 5/24/21 to 5/30/21!

Shop now for special pricing (Valid 5/24/21 to 5/30/21)!

This detailed Gemini Stamp is available as a European Wood Hand Stamp, a high-quality rubber stamp that’s perfect for all of your zodiac-inspired crafts and DIY projects! Check out our complete craft ink pad collection for a variety of colorful ink options.

From astrology themed crafts to Gemini cards and invites, here are a couple of ways that you could put this week’s Stamp of the Week to work!

Crafts That Show Off Your Sign

gemini stamp on diy project
Celebrate Gemini season with astrology crafts and DIYs! Stamp all of your DIY decor, handmade cards, crafts and projects with this intricate Gemini twin design.

Zodiac-Inspired Cards & Invites

gemini stamp on card
Show off your Gemini spirit and astrological star status with cards and invites that are just as bold as you are. Stamp invitations, handmade cards and all of your paper projects with your Gemini stamp to leave a lasting impression throughout Gemini season, or all year long.

Gemini Gifts

gemini wood handle stamp
Gift all of your creative Gemini friends a stamp with their sign! Craft stamps make a unique gift that’s sure to wow all of your Gemini friends and family and give them a new way to show off their sign.

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Shop our complete zodiac sign stamp collection for more creative options inspired by the stars:
shop stamps for every zodiac sign, use code simply20 for 20% off your order

We’d love to see all of the creative ways you’re showing off your sign and using rubber stamps! Share your DIY crafts, ideas and inspiration with us @SimplyStamps, and don’t forget to follow us to stay up-to-date with our latest rubber stamp designs!

Want your stamp to be included in our Stamp of the Week feature? Visit our Stamp of the Week page to learn more and view some of our previous picks!

The Modern Gemini Illustration Hand Stamp is Stamp of the Week with special pricing from 5/24/21 to 5/30/21. Check back next week to see new offers with our latest Stamp of the Week!

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