Stamp Idea of the Week: Stamped Paper Bags

At Simply Stamps, we specialize in bringing logos, designs and custom artwork to life as personalized rubber stamps!

After our stamps have been handcrafted and sent out from our facilities, we love seeing how they are put to use! To showcase some of our favorite rubber stamp uses and DIY ideas, we feature a creative new stamp use every two weeks with our Stamp of the Week promotion.

This week’s creative rubber stamp idea is DIY stamped paper bags! To help you get started with making your custom mark on paper bags for product packaging, custom gift bags and more, our Design Your Own Traditional Hand Stamp Model is available with a special Stamp of the Week discount from 6/28/21 to 7/11/21.

design your own wood handle stamp of the week
Shop now for special pricing (Valid 6/28/21 to 7/11/21)!

Our design your own wooden stamp options are perfect for both business and personal use! With our simple, guided design process you can upload your logo, images, text and artwork to a premium wood handle rubber stamp, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Your custom stamp will be hand-assembled by one of our stamp experts, then shipped out fast so you can start stamping ASAP!

Want to learn how you can use your custom-designed rubber stamp to create DIY paper bags? Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to make your custom mark on paper bags to help you get started:


custom stamp on small paper bags

Here are all of the supplies you’ll need to create your own custom paper bags:

  • A Personalized Stamp: Take advantage of our Stamp of the Week discount to create your own custom stamp! Our design your own stamp options give you complete control over your stamp design. Not ready to start from scratch? Check out our upload your logo and craft stamp options for alternatives!
  • Ink PadsPick an ink pad in one of our vibrant ink color options to make a colorful statement with every stamp, or order a black ink pad to make classic stamp impressions!
  • An Assortment of Blank Paper Bags: Find the perfect paper bags for your DIY! For the best results, avoid any options with a slick coating. Your rubber stamp will provide the best results on light-colored classic paper bags!

How to Create Custom Paper Bags:

logo stamp on handled paper bags

Set up a DIY workstation with easy access to all of your supplies, then you’re ready to start stamping!

Gently press your custom rubber stamp into your ink pad, then on your paper bags to create crisp and custom impressions.

Make a single impression on each bag, or create custom patterns and designs with multiple impressions! Allow the ink impressions ample time to dry, then your custom paper bags are ready to use!

Custom Paper Bag Uses:

custom logo stamp on paper bags

There are tons of ways that you can use your new custom paper bags! Here are some of our favorite ideas for inspiration:

  • Small business merchandise bags
  • Foodservice to-go bags
  • Custom gift bags and wrapping
  • DIY product packaging
  • Paper lunch bags

See it on Social:

Here’s how some of our customers have been getting creative with their one-of-a-kind rubber stamps to create custom paper bags:

lena's bakery custom stamp on paper cookie bag
image source: @lenasbakerysc
the raw chemist custom stamp on small paper bag
image credit: @therawchemist
three littles custom stamp on paper merchandise bags
image credit: @threelittlesdc

Share all of your rubber stamp DIYs and pictures with us @SimplyStamps, and don’t forget to follow us for more ideas and inspiration!

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Want to learn more about our Stamp Idea of the Week and find out how your custom stamp can be featured? Visit our Stamp of the Week page to learn more and to check out some of our previous featured stamps!

This Large Design Your Own Traditional Hand Stamp Model is Stamp of the Week with special pricing from 6/28/21 to 7/11/21. Check back regularly to see the latest deals and DIY inspiration with our newest Stamp of the Week!

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