Stamp Idea of the Week: Reusable Bags

From do-it-yourself crafts to elevated business branding, Simply Stamps has all types of rubber stamp designs and custom options to help you make your mark.

To show off some of our favorite stamp ideas and give you some DIY inspiration, we feature a new creative stamp idea every two weeks with our Stamp of the Week series. This week’s creative stamp idea is an innovative and eco-friendly way to make a custom statement: Reusable Bags!

To help you create your own custom reusable bags, our personalized traditional wood hand stamp is available with special pricing for a limited time. Shop now to take advantage of our 30% off Stamp of the Week discount from 9/20/21 to 10/3/21!

traditional hand stamp simply stamps stamp of the week
Shop now for special pricing (Valid 9/20/21-10/3/21)!

This customizable wooden stamp:

  • Features your custom logo or design
  • Is hand-assembled by one of our in-house rubber stamp experts
  • Has an impression size of up to 3” x 3”
  • Is crafted of high-quality wood and die-cut rubber for a traditional stamping experience

Want to learn how you can create your own reusable bags with a custom wooden hand stamp? Here’s our all-in-one guide all about DIY reusable bags, featuring this week’s Stamp of the Week:

DIY Reusable Bag Supplies

custom stamped logo bag
Reusable bags are great for packaging, party favors and all types of DIY projects, plus you only need a couple of supplies to get started:

  • Your custom stamp: featuring your design, your artwork or your logo
  • An ink pad in the color of your choice. Check out our clothing and textile inks to create long-lasting impressions on all types of fabric
  • Small reusable bags: cloth or muslin bags in a light color are ideal for the best stamp impressions
  • Scrap paper for preventing any stains

How To Create Your Own Reusable Bags

stamped bag with logo
Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you’re ready to start stamping! Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Lay all of your empty reusable bags on a flat surface
  2. Place scrap paper or fabric inside of each bag to prevent the ink from staining the other side
  3. Ink your stamp by firmly stamping it into your ink pad
  4. Create an impression on each bag, and allow the ink ample time to dry before removing your scrap paper or placing anything inside
  5. Fill your reusable bags with merchandise, party favors, or anything you’d like!

Sustainable Branding & Stamping

stamped muslin bags
Custom logo stamps provide a unique and sustainable way to customize all types of materials. Making your own DIY reusable bags is a great way for everyone from DIYers to small business owners to reduce their use of single-use plastics and non eco-friendly materials. Check out all of our eco-friendly stamps and recycle stamps for more ways to go green!

See It On Social

Want to see how some of our customers have been using their custom stamps to create reusable bags and packaging? Check out some of our favorite customer images below:

custom logo bag from @deseo
image credit:
custom logo bag from @syledbykvo
image credit: @styledbykvo
custom stamped bags from @thebleuj
image credit: @thebleuj

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Shop all of our rubber stamps and custom logo stamps for more personalized options:
create your own custom rubber stamp, use code simply20 for 20% off your next order, shop now

Want to learn more about our Stamp Idea of the Week series and find out how your creative stamp ideas and custom rubber stamp can be featured? Visit our Stamp of the Week page to view some of our previous featured stamps and to find out more!

The Custom Traditional Hand Stamp is Stamp of the Week with special pricing from 9/20/21 to 10/3/21. Check back every two weeks to see our latest offer and DIY ideas with our newest Stamp of the Week!

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