Stamp Idea of the Week: Custom Business Cards

At Simply Stamps we specialize in creating custom rubber stamps for every season, every DIY, and every style. Our ever-growing selection of rubber stamps has expanded to include custom options for everyone from teachers to small business owners to creative crafters.

To showcase some of our favorite creative stamp designs and rubber stamp ideas, we feature a new stamp use and idea every two weeks with our Stamp of the Week series. This week’s creative stamp idea is perfect for small business owners and employees: Custom Business Cards!

To help you make your own custom business cards, our small wood-handled logo stamp is available with a special Stamp of the Week discount for a limited time! Shop now to take advantage of our 30% off special pricing from 10/18/21 to 10/31/21!

simply stamps custom small logo stamp
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This custom wood handle logo stamp:

  • Creates custom impressions that measure approx. 1.5” x 1.5”
  • Features a high-quality die-cut rubber mounted to a premium wooden base
  • Is customizable with your logo or artwork
  • Is hand-assembled by our rubber stamp experts
  • Is available with colorful ink pad options as an add-on

Want to create your own business cards with your personalized stamp? Here’s our complete guide on how to make DIY business cards with rubber stamps to get you started:

Custom Business Card Supplies

custom stamped business card
Creating your own business cards is a budget-friendly project that only requires a few simple supplies:

  • Your Custom Stamp: Create your own custom stamp! For professional and on-brand business cards we suggest a stamp that prominently features your logo like this week’s featured Stamp of the Week!
  • A Stamp Ink Pad: We offer a variety of colorful ink pads that are perfect for matching your brand colors or for adding a fun accent color to your personal business cards
  • Paper: Cardstock or paper with a thicker weight is ideal for durable business cards
  • A Ruler, Scissors & Pencils/Pens or Markers: You’ll also need a ruler, scissors and a few other basic crafting supplies like pencils or pens!

How to Make Your Own Business Card

custom business cards
Once you’ve got all of your supplies, you’re ready to get started! Here’s our step-by-step instructions on how to make your own business cards:

  1. The standard size for business cards is 3.5” x 2”. Using a ruler and a pencil, outline your business cards on your paper or cardstock, then carefully cut each one out.
  2. Ink your custom stamp by firmly pressing it into your colorful ink pad
  3. Start creating your impressions by stamping one side of each card.
  4. Allow your ink ample time to dry before stacking or flipping over your business cards.
  5. Once the ink is dry, you can add your personal contact information and professional title on the same side as your stamp impression, or on the reverse side for your own one-of-a-kind business cards!
  6. *Pro Tip: For a professional business card appearance, type out the information you’d like to appear on your business card and print it out on your paper with the appropriate spacing. Or, personalize your own custom text stamp or address stamp with all of your important contact info and stamp that each custom card!

Custom Business Card Tips & Ideas

custom business card with stamped logo
There are tons of ways to customize your DIY business cards to make them your own! Here are some of our favorite ideas and tips to help you create unique and one-of-a-kind cards:

  • Match your ink color to your style! Check out our multi-colored ink pads with colorful gradients and styles that are sure to make your logo and business card stand out.
  • Add a QR code! Our custom QR code stamps can help you link to your portfolio or website on each business card.
  • Don’t have a logo or want to create personal business cards? Opt for an address stamp or custom text stamp that does not feature a logo!
  • Get creative with your paper color! Choose a paper color that is professional, but still represents you and your personality.

See it on Social:

Want to see how some of our customers have been making their mark with custom logo stamps? Check out some of our favorite customer images on social:

custom logo stamp old friends botanical shop
image credit: @oldfriendsbotanicalshop
custom logo stamp lolly lane
image credit: @shoplollylane
custom logo stamp
image credit : @artworkby

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Shop our complete collection of logo stamps for more custom and personalized options:
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Want to learn more about our Stamp of the Week series and find out how your creative stamp ideas and designs can be featured? Visit our Stamp of the Week page to learn more!

The Small Square & Round Logo Stamp is Stamp of the Week with special pricing from 10/18/21 through 10/31/21. Check back bi-weekly to see the latest deals and offers with our newest Stamp of the Week!

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