Stamp Idea of the Week: Small Business Branding

At Simply Stamps, we’re proud to make custom rubber stamps for businesses of all kinds. As a family-owned business focused on delivering hand-assembled, high-quality results, we understand first-hand how important your brand is to your business!

In honor of Small Business Saturday and to celebrate small businesses everywhere, this week’s featured Stamp Idea of the Week is Small Business Branding!

To help you make a big impact with your small business, our 4” Custom Logo Stamp is available with a special Stamp of the Week discount for a limited time. Shop now for 30% off from 11/15/21 through 11/28/21!

Customize Your Own Stamp of the Week!

Small Business Saturday, also called Shop Small Saturday, is a holiday celebrating local and small businesses everywhere. By shopping small, you’re thinking big and investing back into your community!

For small business owners and employees, Small Business Saturday is a chance to grow, gain loyal customers, and showcase your business during the busy holiday season!

This year, Small Business Saturday falls on November 27th. To showcase some of our favorite small businesses and branding ideas we’ve put together this guide on branding your small business with rubber stamps:

Ordering a Custom Logo Stamp for Your Small Business

small business spotlight @theknottycatco logo stamp
Custom logo stamps are an easy, cost-effective way to brand your small business, plus ordering your personalized stamp only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Pick your stamp! At Simply Stamps we specialize in making custom logo stamps in all kinds of sizes and stamp types. Take advantage of our Stamp of the Week deal to order a personalized 4” stamp with your logo, or browse our full collection of logo stamps for more options!
  2. Select your stamp size: many of our custom logo stamp options are available with multiple size options.
  3. Choose your ink color! For wooden stamps, colorful stamp ink pads are available as an add-on. For self-inking and pre-inked stamps, we have a variety of water-soluble ink colors to choose from!
  4. Select your quantity and place your order. Our stamp assembly experts will carefully craft your custom rubber stamp and ship it out in as little as 3 business days!

Small Business Branding Made Easy

small business spotlight @pennyjeanstudio logo stamp
Custom logo stamps are a versatile tool that can easily help you brand your small business in all kinds of creative and fun ways! Here are some of our favorite ways that rubber stamps can help you step up your branding:

  • Product Packaging: Keep every element of your small business on brand by stamping your product packaging. Check out some of our previous Stamp Ideas of the Week for how-to guides and tips on stamping display cards, paper bags, tissue paper, and even coffee sleeves!
  • Promotional Materials: Make your mark on flyers, order inserts and promotional materials of all kinds!
  • Marketing Your Small Business: Market yourself and your business with custom stamped business cards!
  • Shipping With Style: For online-based and e-commerce small businesses, rubber stamps can help you elevate your packaging with cohesive branding. Check out our guide on creating branded boxes with logo stamps to learn more!

Benefits of Using a Rubber Stamp for Your Small Business Branding

small business spotlight @moonlightbotnaicals logo stamp

Here are just some of the reasons why rubber stamps are the ideal branding tool for small businesses everywhere:

  • Completely Customizable: Rubber stamps are completely customizable to fit your small business’s needs! Pick your size, choose your stamp type, select your ink colors and upload your custom logo.
  • Eco-Friendly: Keep your small business green! Rubber stamps are an eco-friendly branding solution that cut back on non-sustainable printing processes and give you the freedom to add your logo to biodegradable and recycled packaging options. At Simply Stamps, our self-inking and pre-inked logo stamps also feature water-soluble ink to cut back on your company’s ecological footprint.
  • Versatile: You can use your custom rubber stamp for a variety of promotional materials and branded business elements!
  • Cost-Effective: Rubber stamps are great for small businesses on a budget! Order one customized stamp to reuse on all of your branding materials.
  • Classically Stylish: Rubber stamps provide a traditional, handmade appearance for classic branding that never goes out of style!

See it on Social

Check out how some of our customers are using their custom logo stamps to build their small business brand and make their mark:

@knottedandmain custom logo stamp

@kwejrow custom logo stamp

@theramblintap custom logo stamp

Similar Stamps

Looking for a different type of stamp? Here are some related options that might be a better fit for your stamping style:

medium self inking logo stamp
Medium Self-Inking Custom Logo Stamp
large pre inked logo stamp
Large Pre-Inked Custom Logo Stamp
large wood handle logo stamp
Large Wood Handle Logo Stamp

Shop all of our custom logo stamps to find the perfect fit for your small business:

To learn more about our Stamp of the Week series, to check out some of our previous stamp picks, and to find out how your custom rubber stamp can be featured, visit our Stamp of the Week page!

The 4″ Custom Wood Logo Stamp is Stamp of the Week with special pricing from 11/15/21 through 11/28/21. Check back regularly to see the latest deals and rubber stamp ideas with our latest Stamp of the Week!

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