Stamp Idea of the Week: Gifts from Santa

At Simply Stamps, each and every one of our rubber stamps is handcrafted with care at one of our US facilities. From signing off on paperwork to grading papers to sending out holiday cards, we love seeing all of the creative ways that our hand-assembled stamps are used.

Each week we pick one standout rubber stamp idea to feature with our Stamp Idea of the Week series. This week’s creative stamp idea is here just in time to help you create a little Christmas and holiday season magic: Leaving Gifts from Santa!

To help you make this Christmas merry and bright with gifts from Santa, our Santa Claus Signature Stamp is available with special pricing for a limited time!

santa claus signature stamp
Order your own Santa Signature Stamp!

Whether you’re looking to spread a little holiday cheer, or you’d like to add an extra special touch to your Christmas gifts, this Santa Signature Stamp is designed to help you make the most out of this holiday season.

This handwritten Santa Signature Stamp comes in an easy-to-use self-inking stamp body and is available in a variety of ink colors, including festive red and green options to help you get into the Christmas spirit. Shop early to receive your stamp in time for the holidays!

Want to learn how you can use this week’s Stamp of the Week to spread some Christmas magic? Here’s our all-in-one guide on using your Santa Signature Stamp to make this the happiest of all holiday seasons:

How to: Use Your Santa Signature Stamp

santa claus stamp on christmas gift
Ready to make some lifelike Santa Claus Signature impressions? Here’s how to get started with your self-inking signature stamp:

  • This stamp comes in a self-inking stamp model for a mess-free and simple stamping experience. With this stamp type, the ink is included inside of the stamp and there is no need for an additional craft ink pad or supplemental ink! Once your Santa Signature Stamp order arrives, you’re ready to start stamping!
  • Make sure you are stamping on a flat, even surface. For the best results, lay out the items you would like to stamp on a smooth table, countertop or desk before making any impressions.
  • To create your Santa Claus Signatures, place your stamp exactly where you would like to leave an impression and firmly press down on the top of the stamp body. Lift your stamp directly away from your project to avoid smudging. Allow each stamp impression ample time to dry.
  • Once your stamp impressions are dry, they are ready to use! Whether you’re creating DIY wrapping paper or signing off on holiday cards, your Santa Signature impressions are sure to bring a little Christmas magic to this happy holiday season.

How to: Leave Gifts from Santa

santa claus signature on present
Looking for ways to spread some extra special holiday cheer and keep Santa’s spirit alive? Here’s how you can celebrate the season with gifts signed by Santa himself!

  1. Individually wrap any gifts that will be from Santa Claus. For the clearest impressions, opt for wrapping paper with a plain design, and avoid wrapping papers with a slick or shiny finish that may result in your ink smudging.
  2. Once your gifts are wrapped, create a Santa Signature impression on each one. Pro Tip: Avoid any areas that might be covered with bows or tags for clear visibility!
  3. Place your gifts under the Christmas tree so your family, friends and loved ones are met with a little holiday magic on Christmas morning!

Santa Signature Stamp Ideas & Inspiration

santa signature stamp on card
There are tons of ways to use your Santa Claus Signature Stamp to make this season merry! Here are some of our favorite ways to keep Santa Claus’ spirit alive:

  • Leave a thank you note from Santa! Take some bites from any milk and cookies that were left for Santa Claus (or any carrots left for reindeer!) and leave behind a thank you note written and signed by Santa!
  • Add a Santa signature to your holiday cards to spread some Christmas cheer!
  • Send packages from the North Pole! Stamp any outgoing packages with your Santa Signature Stamp to create an extra special surprise for any long-distance loved ones.

Check out our guide on 10 Easy Tips for Keeping Santa’s Spirit Alive for more ways to make this the happiest of all holiday seasons!

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Want to learn more about our Stamp Idea of the Week series and learn how your custom rubber stamp DIYs or ideas can be featured? Visit our Stamp of the Week page to check out some of our previous featured stamps and to learn more!

The Santa Claus Realistic Signature Stamp is Stamp of the Week with special pricing from 11/29/21 to 12/12/21. Check back bi-weekly to see the latest deals and rubber stamp DIY ideas with our newest Stamp of the Week!

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