Stamp Idea of the Week: Thank You Cards

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This week’s stamp idea is here to help you spread joy, cheer and gratitude this holiday season: Sending Holiday Thank You Cards!

To help you easily address all of your one-of-a-kind thank you notes, cards and letters, our custom Rustic Script Address Stamp is available with special pricing for a limited time!

rustic script address stamp
Customize Your Own Rustic Address Stamp!

Thank you cards and notes are a thoughtful way to show all of your loved ones some appreciation at the end of the year. This week’s featured stamp helps you address all of your outgoing holiday correspondence with ease.

Whether you’re sending out thank you cards for all of your holiday gifts or you’re looking for ways to show your gratitude, here’s our all-in-one guide to help you get started:

Writing Holiday Thank You Cards

custom address stamp on envelope
Here are some of our favorite tips and important things to keep in mind when writing your thank you cards:

  • Be Specific: If you’re sending out thank you cards for holiday or Christmas presents, make sure you specifically express your gratitude for your gift! Directly mentioning what you are thankful for is a more thoughtful and personalized approach than a generic “thank you” message.
  • Use Your Own Voice: Make your thank you notes sound like yourself! Write your messages in your own voice to create an authentic and genuine note.
  • Get Creative: Get creative by adding special touches to your thank you cards! Include a picture, create a handmade card or add a craft stamp impression to take your thank you cards to the next level!
  • Sign Off: Don’t forget to sign your thank you cards! If you’ll be sending cards from your family or a group, have each member sign your thank you messages for an extra personalized touch. Pro Tip: Check out our custom signature stamps to make signing your signature fast, efficient and easy!

How To: Address Thank You Cards

address stamp on holiday envelope
Once you’ve written and signed all of your holiday thank you cards, it’s time to send them out! Here’s our how-to guide on using your custom address stamp to perfectly address each and every one of your outgoing cards:

  1. Gather a list of up-to-date recipient addresses.
  2. Place your envelopes on a flat, smooth surface for clear writing and stamping!
  3. Clearly write each recipient’s address in the center of each envelope. Pay careful attention to local address regulations and rules. Check out our guide to ensure your addresses are written in the correct format.
  4. Add your return address! Firmly press down on your self-inking address stamp to create an impression. *Keep in mind that your address stamp impression may fit best on the back flap of your envelopes.
  5. Give each impression ample time to dry.
  6. Insert your thank you cards, seal your envelopes, add the correct postage, and ship!

Thank You Card Tips & Inspiration

address stamp of holiday paper
Check out these top thank you card tips for more inspiration:

  • Ship Your Cards ASAP: Even after the holidays, shipping times may be slow. Be sure to write and send out your thank you cards as soon as possible to ensure their prompt arrival.
  • Check Postage Requirements: Double-check requirements and ensure that you have the correct amount of postage stamps before sending. Read our postage stamp FAQs for more info.
  • Keep a List of Gifts: Keep a list of the holiday gifts you receive and who they are from to make writing and sending out cards easier!

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