Stamp Idea of the Week: Signing Your Name

At Simply Stamps, we’ve got custom and personalized rubber stamps for every use. From colorful teaching tools and grading aids to custom branding tools for small businesses, our rubber stamp assembly experts put together high-quality stamps for every style, occasion and profession.

To show off some of our favorite rubber stamp ideas and DIYs, we feature one creative rubber stamp idea every two weeks with our Stamp of the Week promotion.

This week’s creative stamp idea offers a unique solution to writing difficulties: Signing Your Name & Handwriting Help!

To help you navigate any handwriting issues or repeated writing strain, our Traditional Signature Stamp is available with a 30% off discount for a limited time!

custom wooden signature stamp
Click here to create your own custom handwritten signature stamp!

This personalized signature stamp makes adding your handwritten name or signature to documents easy!

Traditional Signature Stamp Features:

  • This personalized stamp is precisely cut to provide clear impressions of your handwritten name
  • Features a traditional wood stamp body for a classic stamping experience
  • Easy to customize, order and use
  • Creates impressions that measure approximately .6″ x 1.8″

Ready to get started and order your own custom signature stamp? Here’s our all-in-one guide to help you start stamping:

How to Turn Your Signature Into A Stamp

custom signature stamp
Turning your signature into a custom stamp is easy! Follow our steps below or check out our instructional video for step-by-step guidance:

  1. Sign your signature exactly as you would like it to appear on your stamp on a blank piece of paper. (Paper without lines will provide the best results.)
  2. Be sure to sign your name clearly with a felt tip pen. Ballpoint pens and gel pens are not recommended.
  3. Scan your signature and upload it to the signature stamp of your choice.
  4. Place your order and we will handle the rest! We will resize your signature and start hand-assembling your stamp asap!

Signature Stamp Uses

custom love maw maw handwritten stamp
Signature stamps have a variety of uses. Here are just some of the ways that you can use this week’s Stamp of the Week:

  • Repetitive Stamping: Cut back on handwriting fatigue when signing multiple business and professional documents.
  • Hand Injuries and Disabilities: Custom stamps can help anyone suffering from hand-related disorders or injuries. Signature stamps like this week’s Stamp of the Week are ideal for creating handwritten, custom signatures easily and efficiently. Read our blog on Handwriting Difficulty and Stamp Alternatives to learn more.
  • Learning to Write: Signature stamps can help individuals who are learning to write, making signing your name fast and easy.

Wondering if your signature stamp can be used on checks and other official documents? Read our all-in-one Is Your Signature Stamp Legal Guide for more details.

Customer Approved

We strive to create the best possible custom stamping experience for each of our customers. Check out how this happy stamper is using their custom handwritten signature stamp to help with their child’s homework and school papers:
Customer approved 5 star signature stamp review

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The Traditional Signature Stamp is Stamp of the Week with special pricing from 2/21/22 through 3/6/22. Check back bi-weekly for more rubber stamp DIYs and creative stamp use ideas with our latest Stamp of the Week.

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