How To Choose The Right Rubber Stamp For You

When I’m in the market for a new stamp, whether it’s a traditional wood-handled stamp, a self-inking stamp, or a pre-inked stamp, I’ve found that figuring out which stamp type will best fit my needs always sets me up for success at work or with my next project. Choosing the right stamp is a big deal to me, and I’m sure it is for all the stamp lovers out there. So, let’s go over some helpful tips on how to choose the right stamp for you!

Choosing Your Stamp

When choosing from Simply Stamps huge selection of stamps, it’s important that you’re picking the stamp that best fits your needs. The majority of custom stamps come in three different options: wood-handled, self-inking and pre-inked. Each has its advantages, depending on how you’d like to use your stamp.

Self-Inking Stamps

A self-inking stamp is a space saver, and there’s no need to buy an extra ink pad. The cartridge is included inside, and the stamper does all the inking work for you. All of Simply Stamps self-inking stamp cartridges are easily removable. Self-inking stamps are great for a lot of rapid stamping; they won’t fade after a lot of impressions, and you’ll get a crisp impression each time!

  • Fast – Best for rapid and repeated impressions
  • Top-selling option – Most affordable and convenient stamp type
  • Easy to use – No extra pressure needed, just press down for a crisp impression
  • Easy to travel with – Stamp includes a locking mechanism
  • No mess – All the ink is within the stamp body
  • Time saver – No need to re-ink your stamp

Pre-Inked Stamps

With pre-inked stamps, the difference is in the quality, number, and size of impressions the stamp provides. Pre-inked stamps use oil-based ink that permeates through the back of a specialized porous rubber. This process offers an excellent, crisp impression that captures very detailed text and artwork. Pre-inked stamps also offer a larger impression area than the largest self-inking stamp.

  • Crisp Impressions – Highest quality stamp type
  • Quiet operation – Best for professional and business needs
  • No ink pad needed – Ink already installed within the stamp
  • Long-lasting stamp – Able to hold more ink in the die
  • Durable – The more robust build is harder to damage

Wood-Handled Stamps

Wood-handle stamps are the least expensive, but you’ll need to buy an ink pad to go along with them. Ink the stamp up on the pad before you stamp. This gives you lots of options to switch ink colors back and forth! Because the stamp relies on your hand pressure, it is much more manual than the other two stamps, but many people like that old-school rubber stamp impression!

  • Aesthetic appeal – Traditional and classic look
  • Many ink option – Choose any ink pad color that you’ll need
  • Durable – Since there are no moving parts, these stamps are built to last
  • Eco-friendly stamp – Not a fan of plastic stamps, then this is for you!
  • Great for artistic use – These stamps are often used for crafting

There you have it – a simplified version of the differences in each stamp type! Visit Simply Stamps for more information, or check Simply Stamps University for more.

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  • Hello! I’m interested in getting a stamp to use on the cork backing for coasters. Is there a certain type of stamp you recommend? I was looking at the Art 2″ pre-inked stamp…

    Thanks so much!

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