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Welcome to Simply Stamps University’s Video Resource Center.
Here you will find all kinds of valuable information about Simply Stamps products. From changing your ink cartridge to refilling your cartridge with our ink bottles, to choosing the stamp that’s right for you, to learning more about the available types of stamps. There’s something for everyone here! So grab a cup of coffee or a cocktail and stay awhile!

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Why Simply Stamps?

What makes Simply Stamps stand out from the herd? What guarantee do we provide all our customers? Our process will provide you the largest selection of options available and will get you your order fast.

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How To Choose The Right Stamp For You

Your stamp selection is important! At Simply Stamps, we want to make sure you find the stamp that is right for you. This quick video will help do just that.

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Changing the Ink Pad on Your Self-inking Stamp

Breath life back into your self-inking stamp! In this video, we’ll show you how to replace the ink pad in your stamp and make it brand new again.

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How To Re-ink An X-Stamper Pre-inked Stamp

Your pre-inked stamp is ready for more juice! In this video, we’ll show you how to properly re-ink your Xstamper pad.

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Why Stamp? Uses Beyond Address Stamping

We may be passionate about stamps, but there truly is so much more to stamping/printmaking than what most realize.

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Why Stamp? Using Logo Stamps For Business Branding

Whether your organization is a SMB or a Fortune 1000, brand building is always a priority. Take every opportunity and use a logo stamp in creative ways to spread awareness.

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Why We Use Trodat

We pride ourselves on providing quality to our customers. That’s why partner with Trodat, a leader stamp industry. Through this partnership, we are able to bring our customers over 30 different types of high-quality stamps for business and home use.

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Why We Use X-Stamper

At Simply Stamps, we pride ourselves on providing the largest selection of stamps possible. This is which is why we provide you many of the leading brands, including long-time industry leader, X-Stamper.

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Simply Stamps Ink Colors

At Simply Stamps, we love being able to offer a variety of options to our customers. You can choose from these six primary colors when creating your stamp, and that’s not even including our craft stamp inks! Which one’s your favorite?

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How to Clean your Rubber Stamps

Sometimes your stamps just need a good clean! If you notice your stamp isn’t leaving the impressions you’re used to, try this simple cleaning strategy. Your stamp will be as good as new in no time!

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Stock & Personalized Teacher Stamps

Teacher Stamps make teacher’s lives easier while also making the children smile. See why we offer the largest selection of stock teacher and personalized teacher stamps in the industry!

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Address Mail with Lettermate How to Address Your Mail with a Lettermate

Prepare stationery for a special occasion with your own handwriting guided by a Lettermate. See how you can address envelopes using a combination of the Lettermate, your own calligraphy and an address stamp.

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Ultimark Preinked StampMeet the Ultimark Pre-Inked Stamp

Welcome to your introduction to the Ultimark Pre-inked stamp, where we describe advantages of this type of stamp. See the stamp body, the pressure used for leaving distinct impressions, and information on number of expected impressions.




How to Change the Date on Your Dater Stamps

Adjusting the wheels on your dater stamp allows you to account for year, month and day changes. It’s time to speed up office paperwork with a Trodat dater stamp.

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DIY Envelope LinersHow to Make DIY Envelope Liners

Dress up plain envelopes with a luxurious colored liner. Find out how wrapping paper and household craft supplies can be used to give envelopes an extreme cuteness makeover.

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DIY Wrapping Paper DIY Wrapping Paper

You can transform basic brown paper into darling wrapping paper that is perfect for any occasion. Check out how we use fun themes like bicycles, hearts, and sunglasses to adorn fun gift!






Trodat Printy 4914Meet the Trodat Printy 4914

Welcome to your introduction to the Trodat Printy 4914, where we describe reasons people choose this self-inking stamp. View the stamp in action and see the crisp, consistent stamp impressions.





Pocket Embosser

How to Use a Trodat Pocket Embosser

Navigate your new pocket embosser by following this tutorial. We review steps such as unlocking the machine, removing the insert, and getting the best impression. Follow our guide to help lengthen the life of your Trodat embosser.



Pre-inked and Self-inking stamps Differences Between Self-Inking & Pre-Inked Stamp

While the names of these two stamps seem similar, the mechanisms for creating impressions differs. This video explains how the different stamp types are individually suited for particular tasks as well as the unique benefits each provides.






Troday Printy 4913 Why Do People Choose the Trodat Printy 4913?

Meet the Troday Printy 4913 and discover it’s advantages. In this video, you will see what the Trodat Printy 4913 looks like up close, how it stamps and what the impressions are like. .






Making a signature stamp How To Make Your Signature a Stamp

When ordering a signature stamp, there are some best practices to follow in order to obtain the best impression. We walk you through choosing a writing utensil, providing multiple signatures and taking size into consideration.






hand lettering envelopesIntro to Hand Lettering Envelopes

Develop your own hand lettering style to make stationery beautiful. View this guide for tips on choosing your writing utensil, from Crayola markers to fine point pens, pacing drawing, choosing pressure and improving difficult fonts.





stamp sizesWhat Size Will Your Stamp Be?

Get a clearer understanding of what your new stamp’s impression will look like by watching this video. The video shows an impression comparison by envelope for small, medium and large stamp bodies.






Trodat Desk EmbosserUsing a Trodat Desk Embosser?

Take a deeper dive as you view the Trodat Desk Embosser up close. This compact desk accessory has an easy to assemble insert and can be used for raised impressions and seals.






Trodat InksPicking Trodat Inks

Compare Trodat ink bottle tops to actual impressions to better understand color clarity. You can also learn about changing colors on the ink pad you already have.