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Ideal 500R Stamp & Accessories

Get thousands of larger round impressions with the Ideal 500R self-inking stamp. This 2 inch diameter stamp will provide long-lasting use for any round design you need to leave on documents or forms. If you're looking to replace your ink pad in an existing 500R, we have made it easy to find what you need here at Simply Stamps. For questions about the Ideal 500R, contact our Customer Focus Team.

Prior to 2009 Model NamesCurrent Model Names
Ideal 30 Ideal 4910 or Trodat Printy 4910
Ideal 50 Ideal 4911 or Trodat Printy 4911
Ideal 80 Ideal 4912 or Trodat Printy 4912
Ideal 100 Ideal 4913 or Trodat Printy 4913
Ideal 200 Ideal 4914 or Trodat Printy 4914
Ideal 300 Ideal 4926 or Trodat Printy 4926
Ideal 5770 Ideal 4916 or Trodat Printy 4916
Ideal 5780 Ideal 4918 or Trodat Printy 4918
 Ideal 5790Ideal 4925 or Trodat Printy 4925
Ideal 6800Trodat 5208