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Trodat Professional Daters & Numberers

Trodat Pro Series Date & Number Stamps

Trodat Pro-Series Daters and Numberers

Dater stamps are common office tools that should stand the test of time and provide years of dating. The Trodat Pro-Series daters and numbering stamps go above and beyond. These stamps are thoughtfully designed with a durable metal construction, updated band drive mechanism and a finger guard. Date stamps are known for being messy, so the Trodat Pro-Series stamps provide a finger guard so that you don't get ink on your fingers when changing the date or number. The deeply molded bands release crisp, clear stamps every time and last for thousands of impressions before needing additional ink. Other features of the Trodat Pro Series daters and numberers include slim stamp designs, grips to help the stamp from moving while in use and newly designed date band that allows for better alignment. If you're looking for a durable, high quality date or number stamp, the Trodat Pro Series is the model for you.