Notary Public Seals & Stamps

Notary Stamps & Seals

Notary stamps often refer to rectangle stamps, while notary seals often refer to round seals created by embossers. Both provide official seals used for authenticating legal documents. Simply Stamps makes custom notary seals for many states using embossers, self-inking stamps and pre-inked stamps. Self-Inking notary stamps feature copy certification, notary acknowledgement stamps, commission expiration dates and more. We make quality notary public supplies to meet many professional and business needs. All designs meet required individual state standards and are updated in time with regulation changes.

Simply Stamps ensures that every notary stamp is compliant with state laws and guidelines and is 100% official. Shop notary public stamps and embossers near you. Find 2018 state notary stamps and acknowledgement stamps for every state from Arkansas to Wyoming. We also have stamp designs for Puerto Rico and Canada. Shop for all stamps for your state here, including notary public stamps, address stamps and professional seals.

Custom Seal Embosser for Each State

It's our job to stay up-to-date with the changes in every state's policy regarding notary stamps and embossers. The design shown here has been reviewed and meets all compliance standards set by your state. Should any changes occur, such as ink color, design style or size, we immediately update our notary templates. Whether you are looking for a Texas Notary Stamp or a Georgia Notary Seal, we have a large collection of notary public stamps and embossing seals in stock. We've made the personalization process as easy as possible. All you need to do is enter your notary information in the fields provided. Your notary stamp or embosser will be made by hand and shipped to you fast! Should you want a proof of your notary seal, include a request in our "Special Request" box, located on the checkout page.