Emoji Rubber Stamps

Icon & Emoji Stamps

Keep your office or classroom as trendy as possible with the assistance of these Icon & Emoji stamps. A quick glance at the internet will tell you that Emoji's are the latest trend taking over our webpages and even text messaging conversations. Made by hand in our sunny Jacksonville factories, these fashionable stamps are made to last for years to come, even after the trends have evolved. Spread smiles around your workplace with one of these stamps and order today!

Have you ever wanted to Facebook "like" or "dislike" something in real life? Now you can with our rubber stamps that feature popular online reactions. Give something your approval or disapproval with an emotion featuring heart eyes emoji or sarcastic face emoji. These emoji stamps are a novelty and bring the fun of Facebook and social media into reality, so you can put it on paper! Emojis are fun ways to express yourself in text, in an email, and now with a rubber stamp! We've turned many of today's popular emoticons into fun rubber stamps. Order yours now.