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I'm Germ Free Teacher Stamp

I'm Germ Free Teacher Stamp

Keep your classroom clean and germ free!

Our clean classroom stamps are made to help keep your students happy and healthy throughout the school year.

Use this “I’m Germ Free” self-inking stamp to remind students to keep things clean and wash their hands. Teachers can stamp each student’s hand when they enter the class at the beginning of the day and encourage students to scrub the stamp away throughout the day with healthy and thorough hand washing habits.

  • Self-inking stamp with water-soluble black ink
  • Optional extra bottle of black ink available as an add-on

*Our water-soluble stamp ink will wash off with mild soap and water. Be sure to keep in mind any skin allergies that children may hand before stamping on skin

This stamp was a previous Stamp of the Week!

I'm Germ Free Teacher Stamp