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Idaho has been called the "Gem State" and the "Potato State" in recognition of its two well-known exports. In addition to producing one third of the US potato crop, Idaho harvests wheat, malt, timber, silver, and star garnets. Paper, lumber, and food processing are also significant. The high-tech industrial sector is booming in Idaho, with electronics factories operating in Boise and Pocatello.

Idaho mountain range

Idaho's mountains and rivers are probably its most important natural resource, providing both hydroelectric power and tourist attractions. Numerous waterfalls are located throughout the state, including famous Shoshone Falls, which is taller than Niagara Falls. Idaho's rivers and lakes are popular with fishermen, recreational boaters, and sightseers alike. The state's many mountain ranges provide ample hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and skiing opportunities. One of the most popular adventure sports destinations in Idaho is Twin Falls, aka "Magic Valley," which features BASE jumping from the Perrine Bridge and over 700 rock climbing routes in nearby City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rock State Park. Ski areas are abundant, with the most popular being Sun Valley Ski Resort near Ketchum.

Idaho Rubber StampsOther outdoor attractions in Idaho include Yellowstone National Park, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge, and Craters of the Moon National Monument. Grand Teton National Park is just across the border in Wyoming. Idaho is not without urban attractions. Boise has a flourishing arts and music scene, as well as museums chronicling Idaho's frontier history.