Minnesota Rubber Stamps and Self-Inking Stamps

Minnesota Rubber Stamps, Seals and Custom Stamps

What do you love most about life in Minnesota? Do you spend your time fishing in Lake Superior? Which team do you follow religiously? Is it the Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves or Wild? Do you still go see the butter sculptures at the state fair year after year? Can you withstand bitter cold winter temperatures? You might be a true local.

We have a selection of custom made stamps just for our Minnesota shoppers. If you are from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, you can now start sending out your letters with one of our personalized return address stamps. These adorable designs feature an outline of your great state along with all the essential information for the left corner of each envelope you mail. Send out letters with the rectangle or round return address stamp designs when you are ready to brag to far away friends about your latest catch. Order the Minnesota Grassroots stamp to make sure all recipients of your Christmas letter know that you are a true local. You can complete your Minnesota collection with the "I love Alexandria" stamp. Every stamp impression is an expression of your loyalty to home.

Minneapolis skyline

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In addition to the customized address stamps, we also make notary seals and professional stamps for soil scientists, landscape architects, land surveyors, geologists, engineers and architects in Minnesota. We make both the Professional Seal Stamp and Document Certification Stamp for these industries. The most simple way of placing your order is by ordering online. All orders we receive to Minnesota ship from our facility within 1-2 days! So rather than heading to the Mall of America or driving to the closest craft shop, choose from our thousands of stamps to find your favorite. Once your brand new Minnesota stamp is in the mail you can get back to those outdoor activities you love, like hunting, hiking, biking, camping, skiing and snowmobiling.