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One of the historic gateways for western expansion, today Missouri is considered one of the most "American" states because its demographic, economic, and political makeup closely mirrors that of the country as a whole. Missouri is a political bellwether state that has voted for the winning Presidential candidate in nearly every election since 1904. The state is split between the typically midwestern plains of the north, the culturally southern Ozarks region, and the two major metropolises of Kansas City and Saint Louis on either side.

Missouri, photo public domain CC pdsphil

Agriculture plays a significant role in Missouri's economy, with Missouri figuring among the country's top ten producers of pork, soybeans, and cattle. Corn, poultry, wine, and beer are also significant. Missouri also leads the nation in production of lead and lime. Major manufacturing industries include aerospace, transportation equipment, and electrical equipment.

Both Kansas City and St Louis are home to busy freight rail centers. St Louis boasts the headquarters of Fortune 100 health services company Express Scripts, as well as respected top 20 school Washington University. The state's most famous landmark is the Gateway Arch, which is located on the Mississippi River waterfront in St Louis. Forest Park, the St Louis Zoo, the riverboat casinos, and the St Louis Cardinals MLB team are also popular. Kansas City is known for its jazz music, BBQ, and cultural attractions like the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.