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Nebraska Rubber Stamps, Seals and Custom Stamps

Kool-Aid, Sandhill Cranes, the world’s largest train yard, red beer, the Great Plains and the Huskers. There are many things that make Nebraska unique. But what is it that you love most about your home? We want to help you celebrate local pride and let all the neighboring states know exactly what you are about.

Simply Stamps created a set of return address stamps for Nebraska residents. You know what the Cornhusker State looks like on the map. Now picture this shape elegantly featured beside your home address. Each of our designs has unique features, like the round and rectangle layouts or the sprawling grassroots style. Do you have fond memories of the Memorial Stadium or attraction like the Licorice International, the Rocket Fizz candy shop, the Telephone Pioneer Museum, the Larsen Tractor Museum, the National Museum of Roller Skating? Give a personal flair to your thank you notes and cards with the “I love Nebraska” stamp. Whether you are sending invitations or personal letters, your new state stamp makes correspondence easy and fun.


Nebraska, photo public domain CC Steve Emmons

Are you working as a notary, architect, engineer or geologist? We have rubber stamps for you too! Our professional seals are tailored to meet industry and state requirements. You can choose a stamp or embosser designed for official use. Just add your license number and personal information and we will get your stamp in the mail within 1-2 days! Find the custom stamps for all your crafting, correspondence and business needs right here.