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North Dakota's low population, endless prairies, and extreme winter weather often give the impression of a harsh, empty, inhospitable land. The truth is, far from being barren, North Dakota is rich in both agricultural land and oil resources. North Dakota is actually one of the few states that has experienced continuous job and population growth during the past decade. Much of the job growth in recent years has come from development of North Dakota's Bakken oil shale fields. Other energy resources include coal deposits and wind power.

North Dakota, public domain

Because 90 percent of North Dakota's land is dedicated to farming, it's no surprise that North Dakota is the nation's top producer in many agricultural sectors, including barley, durum wheat, canola seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and honey. Soybeans, sugar beets, lentils, and other types of wheat are also key crops for North Dakota. Though North Dakota is the least-visited state in the union, it does welcome a fair number of Canadian tourists. Grand Forks is a favorite destination. Due to the presence of the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks offers a respectable arts and entertainment scene, as well as pleasant riverside biking and skiing trails. Other notable cities include the tree-filled capital of Bismarck, Fargo of movie fame, and Minot. Minot is best known for its Scandinavian Heritage Park, which features a 25-foot tall Dala horse sculpture and a wooden stave church.