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Blackout Roller Security Stamp

Carefully redact secret information with a quick impression from our Blackout Roller Security Stamp!

  • Imprint size measures approx. 1.5" wide
  • Stock stamp impression rolls to desired length
  • Design features 'confidential' and 'secure id' in impression
  • Available in black ink
  • Includes a clear cap to save ink


Design SKU: cosco-35666
Blackout Roller Security Stamp

Protecting your identity should be of utmost importance. Secure important documents and hide your information like your social security number, bank accounts, and address with our Blackout Roller Security Stamp. This security stamp puts your privacy back in your own hands!

  • Blackout Roller Security Stamp
  • Impression size is approx. 1.5" wide
  • Roll the impression to cover the length of your private information
  • Stock stamp design features the words confidential and secure id
  • Stamp body measures approx. 2.6" x 1.75"
  • Available only in black ink for security
  • Comes with a clear protective cap to ensure ink doesn't dry out
Blackout Roller Security Stamp