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Before & After the Big Day

6 Crafty Wedding Ideas

Plan an engagement party, emboss envelopes and more with these Simply Stamps products.

Designing Wedding Invites

Note sure what critical details go on every invitation? Your guests will want to know...

The Perfect Thank You Card

You've opened all the gifts, now it's your turn. Write the best thank you notes ever with 8 easy tips!


Wedding Invitation Stamps

Create affordable wedding invitations with stamps. All you have to do is provide celebration details.

How to Properly Pluralize Last Names

Does the invite go to the Smith's or the Smiths'? Here's a quick grammar recap.

How to Address Envelopes Properly

How to format recipient and return addresses on envelopes. Includes international addresses!

Saving Money

Video: Intro to Hand Lettering

Personalizing your invitations with your own hand writing? See how to create a distinct look.

Be a Princess Without Going Broke

Here are 5 steps to being a princess on your wedding day without having a family fortune.

Making Custom Wedding Favors

Imagine what you can do with custom stamps and linen drawstring bags!