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Customize a Self-Inking Stamp

When shopping for a stamp, you cannot go wrong with a self-inking style. These premier stamps offers rapid stamping that always leaves a crisp impression. Equipped with an internal ink pad, the design is flipped onto the pad and back into your paper. Self-inking stamps are perfect for office use and lasts for thousands of impressions before needing additional ink.

Custom Self-Inking Stamps

Self-inking stamps are built for efficiency. With a compact design, this type of stamp has the ink pad and rubber die built into the stamper for easy storage. As you release your self-inking stamp, the die retracts back up into the ink pad, re-coating the impression area immediately after use and making this stamp perfect for rapid and repeated stamping. Your rubber stamp will last for thousands of impressions, and it's easy to Re-Ink a Self-Inking Stamp by simply removing the ink pad, adding ink through drops or rollers, and re-inserting the pad back into the stamper.

Self-Inking Stamp Features:

  • Self-inking stamps are easy-to-use and include ink within the stamp body
  • Choose from a variety of ink colors
  • This stamp type is great for quick and rapid impressions
  • Self-inking stamps last for thousands of impressions before needing more ink!
  • Design your own self-inking stamps from scratch with our simple online design tool!

This type of stamp is perfect for workplaces that require repeated marking such as authorizing piles of documents with a Signature Stamp, marking countless envelopes with an Address Stamp, grading student papers with our line of Teacher Stamps, and many other uses! Simply Stamps' self-inking stamps make stamping easy. Choose from round and rectangular self-inking stamps with many custom sizes available.

For more information on all of our rubber stamps, visit our Types of Stamps page. Looking for other options? Explore our curated selection of rubber stamps to browse premium options for your stamping needs!