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5 Reasons For Self Inking

All of our rubber stamps are available in self inking and traditional models - here are 5 helpful reasons why you should choose self inking over other types of rubber stamps.

1. Keeping clean matters to you. Without the need for a messy stamp pad, self-inking stamps keep ink where it belongs. Traditional stamps task you with finding a resting location for your stamp in-between impressions due to ink residue remaining on the pad. With self-inking stamps the inclusive ink pad retracts back into the stamp automatically, leaving behind no mess.

2. Save money over time. Traditional stamps do not come with a stamp pad, so you have to purchase the stamp as well as the pad. Once your stamp pad runs dry you have to purchase a whole new pad! Self-inking stamps come included with ink and are filled with enough ink to last for thousands of impressions, using only just the required amount each time used. Best of all replacement ink is inexpensive and will return your stamp to as good as new.

3. Self-inking stamps are space savers. With self inking stamps the package is all inclusive. This keeps your work area more tidy and organized. If you chose a traditional rubber stamp you would need a space for the rubber stamp itself as well as a place for the stamp pad.

4. Your time is important Using a traditional stamp often would mean that you had to constantly re-ink the stamp before each impression - a time costly movement when dealing with even as little as ten impressions. Self-inking stamps make rapid deployment a priority and ink themselves after every impression, ensuring your stamp looks perfect every use.

5. Always a perfect impression. There is no waste involved in the self-inking process as you don't need to worry about the impression coming out clear - it just works. Other stamping methods just aren't worth it - for you or the environment. Why risk wasting a paper with a ink-it-yourself hand stamp? When a self inking stamp runs out of ink, replacement is simple and stamps will look as perfect as they ever did - this is NOT the case for pre-inked stamps. For this reason Simply Stamps primarily sells traditional and self inking stamps, however we do offer pre-inked stamps that are good for leaving highly detailed impressions. There are many more reasons for making the switch but this should at least have you started in the right direction. With these five examples of why you should switch your primary rubber stamping device we at SimplyStamps hope you are more able to make a choice for your own benefit.