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Order Custom Logo Stamps

Create your own stamp logo quickly and easily at Simply Stamps. Use your logo stamp for stationery, business cards, mail and more. We offer many sizes and styles of stamps, see top selling models below. Creating your logo stamp is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

3 Steps to Choosing the Best Stamp for Your Logo


Determine Material. For stamping material that is not paper, choose a wood-handled stamp with Trodat ink pad (cardboard or burlap) or supermarking ink pad (glossy surfaces)

Simply Stamps Logo on Different Materials

Consider Paper Options. If you plan to stamp on paper goods (stationery, business cards, gift bags, to-go boxes), a self-inking or pre-inked stamp can work well. It's best to stamp on flat surfaces.

Logo Stamps on Different Materials

Evaluate Your Logo. If you have a detailed logo requiring precise impressions, choose a pre-inked stamp (lt). For a simple logo and rapid impressions, choose a self-inking stamp (rt).

Detailed Logo Stamp Impression

Featured Logo Stamps

Do you already know what stamp size and shape you are looking for? Here are some of our most popular logo stamps so you can choose your stamp, upload your logo or art, and get started right away!

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stamp product
stamp product
stamp product
stamp product
stamp product
stamp product
stamp product

Tips for the Best Artwork for Your Stamps


  • Accepted files include AI, PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPG, PNG, and BMP.
  • The best stamps come from original vector artwork.
  • If you request a proof, we will send to you only AFTER you order your stamp.
  • Logos with complex gradients and shading details are difficult to replicate.
  • Once you get your stamp, test your impressions on a flat, hard surface for best results.

Businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations all order and use custom logo rubber stamps. Logo stamps are great for documents, marketing materials, internal memos, and much more! Ordering the perfect logo stamp for your company couldn't be easier. Simply enter the information you want included in the design in the fields shown (where applicable), upload your logo, and submit your order. For more instructions on uploading your file, read our blog on to how to make custom logo stamps by uploading art and images. Our design team has made tens of thousands of logo stamps over the years and are experts at turning your design into a wonderful stamp impression. All logo stamps are made by hand in the USA and often ship in 24 hours.